Children's sanatorium modernization

The reconstruction of the Zaporizhzhya TB sanatorium is nearly completed, but many urgent needs remain, mostly for modern medical equipment.
Author: Natalya Moroz, translated by Denver Braughler, deti.zp.ua Published: June 11, 2019, 21:30 1149

An agreement in May 2018 on cooperation between the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration in the joint project "Development of social infrastructure in connection with the increase of the number of internally displaced persons" made possible this renovation of the Zaporizhzhya Children's TB sanatorium.

For more than 20 years, the sanatorium was in a former children's institution. Charitable foundation Happy Child assisted with sanatorium, but the building itself needed major repairs. Now renovations are in the final steps of interior finishing, insulating the facade, and installing ventilation systems and kitchen equipment. In April 2019, requests for bids were written for additional work not included in the GIZ project. We hope that a contract will be awarded soon to finish the sanatorium.

In order for this institution to operate and provide medical aid to children afflicted by tuberculosis, it needs modern equipment. We need to purchase new laundry machines, medical and technological equipment, and durable goods suitable for long-term use. The prior equipment is obsolete or unserviceable.

On April 22, 2019, a project for assistance to the children's sanatorium "Stop the onset of tuberculosis!" was launched in cooperation with our colleagues from the international charitable foundation Ukrainian Charity Exchange. We really want to have an Omron ultrasonic nebulizer in the sole anti-TB facility in the Zaporizhzhya oblast. Those who have a history of lung disease understand how important this device is. The nebulizer is used for inhalation to reduce bronchospasms and inhibit inflammation of the respiratory tract. The cost of the equipment is $2150 USD. You can help to buy a nebulizer by supporting our project "Stop the onset of tuberculosis!" on the platform of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace.

This is one drop in a sea of needs; but thanks to the support of caring hearts, we believe that there will be enough equipment for our children in the sanatorium!

Health is not just personal wealth, but also social wealth. When we care about the health of children, we invest in the future of the world!

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They need help:

Artem Mashtaler, 13 years old - bladder trauma

Egor Linkov, 1–Cystic Fibrosis, Difficult Condition

Ivan Babich - 2 old, sensorineural deafness of the Fourth Degree

Tatyana Zlobina, born in 1993 – cystic fibrosis with pancreatic insufficiency

Alyona Volosevich, born in 1992 - brain tumour

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