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First step is done and we are moving forward.

We visited Kalinovka orphanage one more time, here is the news

Author: Serge Ovcharenko, http://deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-09-16 03-00-00 Viewed, times: 4651
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Last week we visited Kalinovka orphanage. The main purpose of our visit was to arrange the building process of the roof. This building in the future will become home for many orphans. Right now orphans live in very small rooms, not having enough space. So this project is very important for them. Fixing roof turned out to be very expensive thing (more than 10000 dollars) But roof it’s only first step. After fixing roof we need to make rebuilding and redecorating inside the house as no one lived there for decades.

Thanks for donations of simple people charity fund almost collected the necessary sum of money for the roof so the building process will start this week. More information about Kalinovka orphanage you can find here

Also two volunteers from America joined us during this visit. It was Amanda from Madison (Wisconsin) and Kevin from Seattle (Washington). For Amanda this is not a first visit to Kalinovka. Last year she spent 4 months doing volunteer work with children. This year she has the same plan.

Her you can see more pictures from our visit:

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