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Unusual but essential!

The newborns staying in the Intensive Care Unit of the Zaporizhia Childrens Hospital #5 received an unusual New Years present. Our regular donor presented the little patients an important device a phototherapy lamp for the treatment of jaundice.

Author: Inna Grigorievna, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-03-10 16-00-00 Viewed, times: 3192
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This New Years Eve, The Happy Child Charity Foundation visited our regular donor, Andrej Genadievich. Andrej said that his family would really enjoy the holiday season if they could make someone happy. As soon as he read the help requests on the website of The Happy Child Charity Foundation, he decided to donate money for purchasing some medical equipment for the Intensive Care unit of the Zaporizhia Childrens Hospital # 5, namely a vitally important phototherapy lamp which can help newborn babies with jaundice.

This unusual New Years gift is already appreciated by the doctors. Now the little patients will have their opportunity to appreciate this lamp!

Premature babies as well as newborns with various pathologies are treated in two departments of the Zaporizhia Childrens multi type hospital #5. The newborn babies are often diagnosed with obstructive jaundice, which is caused by excess bilirubin in the blood. Usually bilirubin must go through the liver and be excreted into the babys stool. However, the immune system of the premature newborns as well as newborns with some pathologies rarely works properly, thus, it takes a lot of time for bilirubin to get excreted, requiring a special therapy in case of an excessive bilirubin level. Unless jaundice is treated, the consequences of this condition can be serious; an increased bilirubin level may affect a newborns nervous system and nucleus of cerebral nerves. This may lead to a mild encephalopathy, visual and hearing impairments and gross brain lesions. Nowadays jaundice is successfully treated with the help of the phototherapy a special lamp, under the impact of which bilirubin turns into a less toxic product which then gets excreted in stool and urine.

Unfortunately, the hospital cannot afford having the fully-equipped newborns Intensive Care Unit. For such a number of little patients with jaundice, there should be at least 10 lamps like that. The only phototherapy lamp available in the hospital cannot help all the babies at the same time. Thats why the hospital administration appealed to The Happy Child Charity Foundation with their request for purchasing the necessary phototherapy lamps.

Thanks to the donation of Andrej Genadievich, The Happy Child Foundation has managed to buy a phototherapy lamp at a cost of 8, 920 hryvnyas (1, 120 $) for the Intensive Care Unit of the Zaporizhia Childrens Hospital # 5. Were thankful to all the kind people whose big hearts respond to peoples requests for help!

You can only be really happy when you make someone around you happy. Its the main principle of those people who respond to help requests on the website www.deti.zp.ua

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