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A child needs a family: Ulia B. was born in 1998. She desperately needs a family

Julia is 18 years old now

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Julia gives an impression of being the most serious and modest of all the children I have met in the orphanage. Around adults she does not show off trying to attract all their attention to herself.

Julia has a close friend and the girls cherish the relationship and value the friendship they have. Besides the friendship she also needs to feel like a child who is loved by parents. She believes a family is a place where one can count on help, sympathy, care and communicating as a family does. The girl does not expect to be the only one who gets what she needs. She is ready to give back, to care for others, to give her attention and help when needed and expected.

This year Julia went to the Carpathian mountains where she was learning to ski. She did very well and it is clear why as she has skills being involved in dancing for a long time. Julia and other girls left dance classes, whether due to lack of will power or due to disliking something about the classes. But for a big surprise the girls still sharpen their dance skills themselves choreographing new dances and perfoming at school concerts. Julia dreams of becoming a professional choreographer and would like to teach children dance.

Julia has a minor sister Nadya born in 1993.

We ask everyone who is thinking of adopting Julia or other chidlren to read the guidelines for potential foster parents and guardians or contact The Child Services of Zaporozhye Regional Government Administaration (telephone in Ukraine 061-239-01-56) and let them know a child`s profile number (for Julia- 0170316).

If you are not ready to adopt a child now or you cannot meet the requirements for adoption at this time you still can help children in the orphanage by giving financial support or taking part in organizing excurcions and trips for the children, visiting the children in the orphanage or helping to purchase developmental toys, books, sporting goods and construction sets.

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