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Host a Ukrainian Child: Negatives

ukraine.adoptionblogs.com Published: 2006-09-11 Viewed, times: 3144
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An email acquaintance recently suggested that the best way to adopt an older child from Ukraine was to host them. There are many programs that bring children to the United States for hosting AKA vacation.

There are negatives with hosting:

1. The children are being brought over for a short vacation. And not all the children will be available for adoption.

2. The Ukrainian government retains sole adoption authority. Just because you hosted a child and the child is available for international adoption... DoesnТt mean you will be able to adopt the child. In other words the child isn't held for you. The child could be moved into foster care which makes him/her unavailable for adoption. Or another family could adopt the child.

3. Some children will figure out that many hosting families want to adopt children. This can cause some emotionally delicate issues. For example, what if the family and child arenТt a good fit and the family decided against adoption. Or maybe the child decides against adoption. Or what if the family is really just hosting and cannot adopt.

4. Because the children are visiting for a short time (2 to 4 weeks) families may just see a honeymoon (AKA child on their best behavior). There maybe unseen issues. Or the child could have a complete meltdown that isn't part of their normal behavior. Maybe they are stressed about being "good enough" to be adopted or experiencing culture shock.

5. It will typically increase your over all adoption expenses. Programs may require the hosting family to pay for the child's transportation costs. I have seen figures between $1,900 and $2,500.

6. How would you feel as a 10-year-old child... who knew the hosting could lead to adoption... and you weren't adopted? Some of the kids get their egos and emotions crushed. The hosting programs that are focused on adoption aren't 100% successful at placing every child.

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