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Modern medical equipment that needs to be purchased for Zaporizhzhia Region hospitals

Making a contribution to medical equipment purchase you can help the specialists provide the much needed care aimed at giving thousands of kids healthier futures and saving young lives every day.

Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Elena Kramarenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2009-02-26 10-00-00 Viewed, times: 11964
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Ukrainian medical system has large difference from the Western one. The main difference is that it considered FREE for all Ukrainians. But, really, its usually not free, and you need to pay for many services and medicines. Its very bad and unclear situation, because the medical system experiences lack of money for the salaries to doctors and for modern equipment, insurance system almost doesnt work.

Currently only dental medicine in Ukraine is mostly in private hands, its not cheap but it provides quality service and uses modern equipment. The rest of medical systems remained in Soviet conditions.

So, while we leave in such situation, the only way to allow our doctors make complex surgery and treatment and save children is to help them with the new medical equipment and provide additional salary to most important childrens doctors.

Now we collected information about needs of the main childrens hospital of Zaporozhye region on the one page, and we will periodically update it with the actual information.

Any help for the new medical equipment will be greatly appreciated by small patients, doctors and HappyChild employees.


To provide more efficient treatment for children with severe diseases and injuries a hospital needs:

1. To be staffed with highly skilled, motivated and honest doctors and nurses.

2. Medical equipment, instruments, materials and furniture to be procured , means of communication and information technologies are also important.

3. All required medicinal preparations and drugs to be available.

4. Amenities and conveniences for the doctors, little patients and their parents.

5. Friendly hospital environment which is favorable to patient recovery and rehabilitation.

Zaporizhzhia Happy Child charity fund and volunteers of the website www.deti.zp.ua are hard at work tackling the said issues to amend the existing conditions. At this webpage we regularly update the information concerning the medical equipment, instruments, materials, furniture and computers that need to be bought for children services of Zaporizhzhia region hospitals.

Making a contribution to medical equipment purchase you can help the specialists provide the much needed care aimed at giving thousands of kids healthier futures and saving young lives every day.

You can help fund the equipment procurement needs in more than one way:

- You may remit your donation to the bank account of the "Happy Child" charity fund;

- You may purchase the required equipment at your own expense and give it to the hospital (it is desirable to previously agree upon the various details with the hospital management and the "Happy Child foundation).

To purchase medical equipment the "Happy Child foundation staff provide market intelligence about the best ways to achieve value for money. This includes identifying suppliers of healthcare products and regularly benchmarking prices. The foundation staff also work closely with the user departments in order to take priority needs setting decisions. Corrupt dealings of any kind are by no means possible in this case.


Modular infusion system (Perfusor)

The Hematology Department and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Zaporizhzhia Region Clinical Hospital for Children, as well as children services of Zaporizhzhia district hospitals need modular infusion systems (Perfusors).

In the Hematology Department of Zaporizhzhia Region Clinical Hospital for Children oncology specialists treat 25 children and adolescents struggling for their lives against cancer and severe blood diseases. Some of the children stay in bed for days receiving their intravenous infusion of chemotherapy medications that kill actively dividing cancer cells. The treatment outcome and the childs life depend on adequate medication dosage. With the aid of kindly donors in the years 2006-2007 the "Happy Child" foundation bought four expensive Infusomats (appliances that provide accurate medication dosage). At present the Hematology Department has an urgent need for two more infusion systems (Perfusors) supplied by the "B.Braun" company. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit also requires two infusion systems of this kind. In Zaporizhzhia region the majority of district hospitals children services are in need of infusion pump systems.

1 infusion pump system costs upwards of $1350

Blood analyses processing centrifuge (OPN-3m) for clinical diagnostics laboratory of the Zaporizhzhia Region Clinical Hospital for Children

The clinical diagnostics laboratory of Zaporizhzhia Region Clinical Hospital for Children requires a centrifuge OPN-3m for blood analyses processing, the appliances of this kind are produced by "Dastan" company in the Kyrgyz Republic. The said appliance is absolutely indispensable for the laboratorys daily work processing blood and urine analyses for dozens of patients. The overage centrifuges that are currently used by the laboratory produce excessive heat in the course of analyses processing. The laboratory assistants have to wait for them to cool down and considerable loss of time is therefore a dangerous consequence. In urgent cases a childs life may depend on the promptly obtained blood test data. The Happy Child foundation has already purchased one centrifuge for the laboratory; two more appliances of this kind are required.

One batch centrifuge (OPN-3m) for blood and urine analyses processing costs upwards of 4200 Ukrainian hryvnias (the equivalent of app. $525)

Ilizarov frame parts for Traumatology Department of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children

In the Traumatology Department of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children about 60 children are treated for complex bone fractures and deformities.

In case of multi-fragmentary fractures a child can only be brought back to healthy life using modern equipment and traumatological devices (Ilizarov frame). Stainless steel rings, heavy gauge wire and threaded rods attached through adjustable nuts comprise the said Ilizarov frame. Each one of the frame parts costs 120-250 Ukrainian hryvnias and together they make a substantial sum for the hospital, as well as for the child's family. Just now the patients of Traumatology Department have a need for 80 frame parts.

Computers and network equipment for all departments of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children

Unfortunately, medicine in Ukraine fails to keep pace with the advances of modern information technology. At present very few doctors of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children have computers to use in their work. Equipping hospitals with computers could eliminate a substantial part of paperwork and promote operational efficiency. Sometimes a case record is quite hard to find on the desk, a handwritten clinical record can be difficult to read for the childs parents or a foreign clinician, involved in patients care. Another important project is connecting the hospital computers into a network and providing Internet access for most departments of the hospital.

These computers will provide the following benefits to the hospital:

Provide an easy to follow guide to online and offline medical resources
Access to e-mail
Ability to scan documents
Ability to share information between different hospital departments
Word processing

With the aid of kindly donors the Happy Child charity fund helps to implement modern information technology in daily work of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children.

Through the years 2006-2008 we have equipped the hospital with 7 computers, 2 multifunction devices and a People.Net modem. We do our best to provide technology support and maintenance for these devices. The matter of the nearest future is providing access to a desktop or a laptop computer for each and every doctor of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children. After the hospital computers are linked into a local area network (using cables as well as wireless devices), servers are to be purchased, too. With the LAN installed, the task of connecting all the departments computers to the Internet will be much easier. The issue of a uniform management system implementation will also be brought up.

Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Microwave ovens and other Household Appliances for the Departments of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children


Children that are treated in the hospital experience pain and discomfort caused by their diseases; summer heat and no air conditioning make it more difficult for them. Air conditioners for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Infant Intensive Care Unit, Contagious Isolation Wards, Cardiovascular Care and Endocrinology departments would be the best and long hoped for present, for patients and doctors alike.

Every hospital department has its small and big unmet daily living needs, ranging from saucepans and pails to microwave ovens and washing machines. For further details please contact the foundation volunteers or the hospital departments governors, so that you can help to make childrens treatment and hospital staff work a little more comfortable.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors the Happy Child foundation has already purchased several refrigerators, microwave ovens and air conditioners for Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children. We hope that the readers of our website will help us to improve treatment conditions for patients and staff of the Zaporizhzhia region central children's hospital according to our plan.

Infant incubation apparatus (Couveuse) for the Neonatal Intensive Care unit of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children

Premature newborns with very low birth weight are frequently admitted to the Neonatal intensive care and reanimation department of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children. A prematurely born baby often has difficulty maintaining body temperature and breathing continuously, his or her underdeveloped body organs do not very well perform their vital functions. The preemies survival is only made possible by nursing them in special incubators ( couveuses) that keep them warm and help breathe. Presently the Neonatal Intensive Care unit of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children has only three incubators the age of which is over 20 years. This equipment is already unable to provide adequate nursing conditions. The NICU has an urgent need for new incubators with double walls.

One incubator for premature newborns (couveuse) costs upwards of $25 000

Furniture (bedside cabinets and other items)

Furniture in many departments of Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children is obsolete and worn. Bedside cabinets are in a particularly sorry state they look awful, their doors are snapped off; children and their parents have nowhere to put their things and clothes. The good people could make efforts to change the furniture conditions for the better. One medical bedside cabinet with a fold-out table costs from 750 to 1150 Ukrainian hryvnias, depending upon the model.

Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital for Children has a lot more of important needs:

- Plasma sterilizer for instruments;
- Ultrasonic dissector;
- Medical instruments (medical scissors, forceps, clamps, and adenotomes);
- Arthroscope with attachments specially designed for children to provide endoscopic examinations and operations;
- A set of rod apparatuses;
- Hemodialysis apparatuses;
- Respiratory apparatuses;

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