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Save a Child: Panasenko Svetlana, 16 years old acute myeloblast leucosis

Another miracle has happened! The transplantation for Svetlana was paid from the state budget. Many thanks to all!

Author: Kulpina Julia (translated into English by Elena Puhovskaja), Happy Child fund Published: 2010-01-26 17-15-00 Viewed, times: 8559
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Svetlanas birthday is 24.09.1993.

More than one and a half year she has been treated at the oncohematological ward but with serious complications. We ask you to offer up a prayer and to support Svetlana financially.

Basic diagnosis: Acute myeloblast leucosis

In the having many children Panasenkos family Svetlanka is the sixth child and this united family has 8 children.

Before Svetlanka was in a good health as all children, and she was fond of basketball, participated in competitions. The disaster came unexpectedly: gums began to swell up and it seemed nothing serious, but any medical treatment couldnt help wherever the family asked for help. After long consultations and ineffective treatment at pediatric polyclinics of Berdiansk and Zaporozhye the therapist referred Svetlana for full-scale blood analysis which showed that the girl has an acute myeloblast leucosis 4, one of the most serious forms of leucosis.

Svetlana has being receiving medical treatment at the hematological ward of Zaporozhye Regional Hospital since June, 2009. She has already received two courses of chemotherapy but there are a lot of complications. After the first course Svetlana was taken to the reanimation but thank God, everything turned out all right. After the second course the heart complications began - the infectious epicarditis, and the girls condition was critical, she almost couldnt move. All the efforts and family savings were directed to treat the girls heart and recovery of her health.

At the moment Svetlana is starting to receive the third course of chemotherapy, and we ask to support her with your prayers. Is it worth to mention that this family is in extreme need of financial support because they already have spent all money they had, but there are 7 children more in this family! Their mother has to stay with Svetlana permanently at the hospital, so their father has to take care of children and cant work. We apply to all not indifferent people to help our Svetlana to overcome the disease. For additional medicines and diet the girl needs 1000-1200 grivna per month.

Svetlanas mother Yelena Viktorovna telephone number: +38 096 345 99 03
Svetlanas family lives in Nikolayevka village, Berdiansk area.

You can help using convenient ways of donation (PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Webmoney, etc.)

You can apply to the Happy child fund official Inna Grigorieva for the additional information: +38 (093) 93 39 788, +38617015757
Email address: info [at] deti.zp.ua

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