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Save a child: Gena Grin suffers from intestinal polyposis.

Gena could not have his surgery in 2010. He will hopefully undergo surgery in 2011!

Author: Elena Bochkovskaya, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-03-02 19-00-00 Viewed, times: 3487
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Birth date: 03/02/1994

Diagnosis: polyposis of sigmoid and descending colon, chronic enterorrhagia.

It started in 2006, - says Genas mother, Lubov. At that time my son had a discomfort in bowels and there was fecal blood. We were very frightened away as heretofore Gena was a healthy and active little boy, who liked to run, play football and now he feels too bad and cannot even walk. Pain and blood was caused by polypuses in the bowels that didnt allow the bowels to function well. The doctors from Melitopol and Zaporozhye leaded the clinical trial and made the diagnosis: polyposis of sigmoid and descending colon, chronic enterorrhagia.

A short time later the boy had an intensive enterorrhagia and in the end, the Gena was operated on removing neoplasms. The rehabilitation was successful and the doctor decided the boy recovered. All the family and Genka himself breathed easily: finally he could switch off, pay back (the cost of the surgery and treatment was expensive) and resume the normal existence: run, go to school, eat whatever he wanted.

I dont wish anybody such heritage

By the way, Genas disease was nonrandom. Genas mother and her sister Luda Pihota had the same disease. All of them were operated on at different time. The doctors suspected even cancer. Most likely it is a heritable disease, - Lubov Genrihovna grieves. However, I hoped with my whole heart that this bad luck would pass by my son. I dont wish anybody such heritage.But here we go its not on.

Now I can only hope that the treatment will be successful. The doctors recommended an urgent surgery because he is in a bad way: if he wont be treated now, the polypuses can turn into cancer.

It is 5000 UAH between Gena and healthy life

Gena really needs to be operated as soon as possible because in 3 months after last surgery the boy was hospitalized again and by now there have been no improvements. Gena spends almost all his time at home he is in bed, reads, watch TV. The teachers come to him to home. Imagine how the young boy longs for running, jumping, paying with his friends and just enjoying the life!

Between this dream and Gena is only a question of money: in order to make enterectomy surgery Genas mother needs to raise about 5000 hryvnias. As Lubov Genrihovna is a disabled person of group II and is rearing Gena and his sister without their father, such amount of money is beyond her.

That is why on behalf of Gena, his mother and all his relatives and friends, we address to everybody who is reading this article now lets do our best and help Gena be operated! It can bring him to the normal life and help become healthy and cheerful boy!

The disease like Gena suffers from is successfully treated in Ukraine. The doctors in Zaporozhye and Kiev can undermine his health. It was proved by his cousins experience Luda Pihota whom all we helped two years ago. Today Luda who suffered from the similar disease is Ok. She is in a good health and wishes her brother to be the same from the bottom of her heart.

Lets help Gena recover!

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