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Sasha from Kalinovka

Sasha is no more available for adoption

Author: Yana Sasina, Olga Kurlikova (translated into English by Elena Puhovskaja), www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-05-11 17-19-00 Viewed, times: 6987
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Sasha is no more available for adoption.

The first impression of Sasha Zalozniy can be described as of a little man, grown-up and enough responsible. The boy perceives the world very seriously in spite of his age. Of course, he doesnt spend his time for childish pranks because he is a senior for other kids of his group. It means that he has to help the governess to clothe-up the juniors and to keep the order. The kid carries out willingly any easy household work: sweeping the floor or helping in the vegetable garden is of great pleasure for him.

Sorrowfully, but this grown-up little man has never had a childhood and his own family to help him to develop. You know, Sasha has a strong capacity for study, and he is always very glad to attend the classes on writing and reading for children with developmental lagging. He is the first among other children, who utters the letters from the cards which are shown by the teacher. It seems that the boy returns hundredfold to the teacher for her cordiality. In spite of his age Sasha hopes that kind people will find him and will bring happiness into his short and such a hard life having adopted him.

Since Sasha is already grown up he cannot be adopted but he can be taken into foster care.

The children from Kalinovka are small suns from a special world. And they need very special parents that would give them all the love, patience and sympathy they need. Perhaps, there is such a family among our readers, a family that can accept this child as she is. Interested individuals can read our note to potential foster parents and guardians or get in touch with the fond Happy Child employees.

Those who cannot adopt now, have another way to help the children by giving them a gift of a family atmosphere. We are currently developing the idea of equipping a separated house where the children will live in a small society similar to a real family: they will have their own bedrooms, a playroom and a kitchen where they will be able to have tea with their Mom. Well, actually, the Mom will be one of Happy Child gifted employees, and she will take care of them just like a real Mom!

Here you can read about the ways to donate.

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