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Katya from Kalinovka

Katya is no more available for adoption

Author: Yana Sasina, Olga Kurlikova (translated into English by Kharnova-Pair), www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-05-12 15-00-00 Viewed, times: 5370
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Katya is no more available for adoption.

When you visit the world of the children from Kalinovka, the first one to greet you is always the seventeen-year-old Katyusha. She is a cheerful and joyful child, and she is never silent. Seeing her, anyone would wonder: how does this girl manage to stay so happy despite her health problems and difficult life? УShow me! How do I look?Ф, the girl asks me seeing the photo camera in my hands. Being an inquisitive child Katya always has questions to ask new acquaintances. A lady-educator turns on the radio, and Katyusha starts singing and dancing having forgotten about our volunteering group and me.

Katyusha is going to be taken on a picture

As the eldest, she takes care of the younger children. I remember once our younger kids got a bit rambunctious, so Katya urged them in a stern voice: СI am not Natasha!Т meaning that she was not going to babysit them like I doТ Says Natasha, the educator.

Since Katya is already grown up she cannot be adopted but she can be taken into foster care.

The children from Kalinovka are small suns from a special world. And they need very special parents that would give them all the love, patience and sympathy they need. Perhaps, there is such a family among our readers, a family that can accept this child as she is. Interested individuals can read our note to potential foster parents and guardians or get in touch with the fond СHappy ChildТ employees.

Those who cannot adopt now, have another way to help the children by giving them a gift of a family atmosphere. We are currently developing the idea of equipping a separated house where the children will live in a small society similar to a real family: they will have their own bedrooms, a playroom and a kitchen where they will be able to have tea with their СMomТ. Well, actually, the СMomТ will be one of СHappy ChildТ gifted employees, and she will take care of them just like a real Mom!

Here you can read about the ways to donate.

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