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Due to benefactors support trackball for ultrasound investigation apparatus will be installed in the 5th children's hospital in the nearest time

Author: Viola Tarasova (translated into English by Viktoriya Polozova), deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-06-17 14-00-00 Viewed, times: 3445
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Two months ago the management of the 5th childrens hospital (ZCMCH) requested us to assist in replacing failed trackball for ultrasound investigation apparatus. Given device let the apparatus to work in Doppler mode. As a result of trackball failure it became impossible to diagnose and treat valvular defect with seriously ill newborn babies.

Given portable ultrasound investigation apparatus is used to give first medical aid to kids of the city maternity hospital 9, which is situated on the territory of ZCMCH 5. That is why when the apparatus has lost its portability a life treat for a great amount of small children arose.

Fortunately, a man has been found who agreed to make a donation for trackball replacement. He paid a bill at the amount of $ 1300 (!). We thank you kindly for your goodness and tenderness.

At the nearest time the trackball will be replaced. We hope that due to the portable ultrasound investigation apparatus professional help will be given to still many children and their hearts will be healthy.

We thank all people of good will who donate their funds for charity. At any moment your donation can became decisive for saving somebodys life.

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