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Voinylovich Alina, 14 years old lymphogranulomatosis

The basic course of treatment is completed! We thank all the people who supported the girl!

Author: Olga Kurlikova (translated into English by Daria Sukach), www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-07-14 16-30-00 Viewed, times: 5935
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Alina was born on the the 6th of February 1996

The diagnosis lymphogranulomatosis in stage 3, Nodular sclerosis

Alina was taken to the childrens clinical hospital hospital two days before her 14th birthday. The girl had to celebrate her birthday in a hospital ward with her mom, thinking anxiously about the future. So, the costly and endless treatment has started. The girl has already undergone 5 chemo regiments. Be sure its a tough challenge for a childs organism. Alinas parents have already spent for the treatment of their daughter around $2564.

The girl has 3 chemo regiments left. Alinas father has appealed to the Foundation only now, since all the family money is already run out. And the medicine called Natulan must be at any cost bought until the 20th of July 2010! One ampoule of this medicine costs 64 Euros, and the treatment will probably require three ampoules. The supporting therapy is also vitally important (blood cell stimulants which cost $77 per ampoule). Alinas parents have to finance this therapy on their own.

Alina loves studying, and is strongly determined to become a primary school teacher in the future. But the greatest dream of the child, of course, is to recover and to come back to school and to her friends.

Alinas parents and the members of the Happy Child Foundation ask all kind-hearted people to support their lovely daughter.

Alina needs some financial support as well as our prayers.

Let Alinas story touch your heart. We will be really grateful to you for your support!

The telephone number of Alinas father Oleh Vasiljevich: +38 (097) 938 05 93

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