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The fund-raising campaign for the re-roofing of the Kalinovka family-style orphanage for disabled kids has already succeeded in collecting $ 8860. But there are still an additional $ 1900 needed to complete the reconstruction before winter sets in

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Serhey, one of the future residents was constantly asking us about the current state of the roof reconstruction

The first step is always the hardest one to take no matter what you are doing. The reconstruction of the family-style orphanage in the village of Kalinovka in Zaporizhia region is no exception.

We would like to inform you that the Happy Child Foundation has launched the unique project of building a house, where seven psychoneurologically disabled kids will feel the comfort of a home and will get every opportunity to develop their personalities. Nowadays, though, these kids are still living in large groups, where one cannot give enough individualized attention to their development and care.

During the reconstruction rafters, beams, bars as well as the roofing slate will be replaced. (Take a look at the detailed roof calculation)

According to international standards a group of severely disabled kids should consist of no more than six children. In the Ukrainian reality these standards are often not achieved: the number of kids in a group reaches 35

Since the publication of the article Everyone in the world needs a home at our website, more than $ 10 507 have been donated to reconstruct the family-like residence. The money has come from Ukraine, England, and the USA as well as other countries. The first and the most challenging part of the reconstruction is the complete replacement of the ceiling beams and roof structure of the 360 square meter building. In July the existing load-bearing wall was demolished and a new one was erected which will safely support the new ceiling beams. This work alone required $ 760.

The last time we visited little members of the Kalinovka orphanage, it turned out that many of them had been already well-informed about the reconstruction of the building, which may become a real home for them. For example, Seryozha, one of the brightest and most promising kids of the orphanage was constantly asking us about when their home would be finally repaired.

Alyosha with the volunteer Vinka from England. Although Alyosha Romanov can hardly speak due to cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, he can read your eyes and smiles. Vinke and her friends from London managed to collect 1 700 for the home reconstruction.

Seryozhas wheelchair obviously does not fit him anymore. There are not very many people whod feel concerned about the problems of a specific child since there are 150 kids in the orphanage. The life in a new home, in a family atmosphere, would give Seryozha more chances to be heard

Wed like to believe that the warm-hearted people the readers of this website, will help the dreams of the kids of the remote Priazov village of Kalinovka to come true. And the kids, who for many years were considered to be useless and a burden to society, will have an opportunity to live for the first time in Ukraine under normal human conditions.

Absolutely everyone can make his\her valuable contribution to make these kids dream a reality by - donating some money or necessary construction materials.

We will be glad to answer your questions. You may contact us by phone +38 (066) 513 34 35 or e-mail: info [at]