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Ilona Petrakova suffers from acute leukemia

Thank you for help to Ilona! Now the family does not need the financial support.

Author: Julia Kulpina (translated into English by Marina Alexeyenko), www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-09-21 15-30-00 Viewed, times: 5803
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Ilonas birthdate: 09/24/2006

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Im in the ward of hematology unit. A girl of delicate constitution is sitting opposite to me. She is a very young mother. What sad eyes she has gotThose beautiful eyes are filled with mothers pain and darkness of despair. When Im trying to look into her eyes, I cant help looking away. What can I say to her? What words can I find to comfort and cheer her up? I want to hug her and cry together with her. We mustnt cry because a little nice baby is sitting next to us. Her name is Ilona. She is near 4 years old. I catch myself thinking that she has the same sad eyes as her mother. She fears and often cries because there are too many strange people around her. They give the injections and set droppers.....Ilona is cuddling a big teddy bear. The toy smells of home and grandmothers pies

The child was in good health. When the girl came down with bronchitis in July, 2010, it didnt arouse any suspicions. It was treated as usual; however the fever didnt subsided After examination and undergoing medical tests the doctors made a dreadful diagnosis...

The little girl with beautiful sad eyes is sitting next to me and cuddling her teddy bear. This toy is the only consolation for her. Dont be afraid, baby. You are not alone. Your parents and relatives are with you. They love you so much! And WE are also with you! All of us who are not indifferent to the pain and needs of other people. We who share grief. We who do not have somebodys else children. THERE ARE NO SOMEBODYS ELSE CHILDREN.

Lets help Ilona and her parents!

Country: Ukraine
City: Zaporozhye
You can reach Ilonas mother Julia Vyacheslavovna at +38 (067)348 52 57

For more information please contact Happy Child charity fund.

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