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Bulgak Sophia nephroblastoma, 4th stage

Thanks to God and your kindness Sophia has completed her main treatment and currently doesn't need your financial support!

Author: Anna Zakharina translated by Elena Puhovskaya, www.donor.org.ua Published: 2010-09-24 16-30-00 Viewed, times: 3169
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Sophia was born on 29.03.2005

Diagnosis: nephroblastoma, 4th stage with metastases

I dropped to the Childrens Department of Cancer Institute for 30 minutes to write down the girls story and lingered on for 2 hours. This time had glided away, and I didnt want to leave. Sonia was washing something assiduously in a small basin, and then drawing pictures. And Zoya Vasilievna and I were talking and talking all the time. By the way, it is hard to believe that this nice-looking woman with refined manners is not the girls mother but her grandmother.

Sonia has been ailing since August, 2009, but reminiscences of that time are still acute, feelings are deep. The granny interrupts her story frequently because of tears and lump in the throat. But then she pulls herself together and continues Openly and in detailsBecause after you have shared your trouble with somebody you feel better. Now as many people as possible should know about this girl an then, may be, help will come. And may be, the kiddy will have everything she needs to finish the treatment.

In summer 2009 Sonia began to feel flaccidity, lack of appetite, periodical rise of temperature to 39,0. Girls grandma is a doctor. She sounded her granddaughter and suspected she was ill with pleurisy. The girl was examined thoroughly and the preliminary diagnosis was tumor of right kidney with multiple metastases in lungs. Closed biopsy was carried out poorly at Zaporozhye Regional Childrens Hospital Department of Surgery. A serious bleeding began which was stopped only in 4 days. The most disappointing that the biopsy procedure has been done vainly because it resulted with not enough material to give an accurate diagnosis.

Sophia with all necessary documents was sent to the National Institute of Cancer. Having studied the case records the doctors made the conclusion that the clinical presentation is very similar to nephroblastoma, so, the diagnosis was correct. The treatment was prescribed consisting of 6 courses of chemotherapy and then the operation for ectomy of the affected kidney should be done.

The first course of chemotherapy Sophia underwent in Kiev. The second was in Zaporozhye. She came to Kiev for the third course. There were no free beds at the hospital, so Sophia had to live at the relatives home. Within this period a strong intoxication progressed - ketoacidosis (acid-base imbalance). Sophia drank but did not urinate. As a result, she was taken to resuscitation department with blood pressure 260/120.

Within 24 hours the girl has been helping out from the critical state but the question of diagnosis accuracy arose again because the similar reaction of a human organism can probably result from nephroblastoma. It was decided to repeat the biopsy. After narcosis the blood pressure dropped to zero and intensive bleeding began again.

It took doctors a lot of efforts to save Sophia. After puncture has been taken it appeared again not enough material for accurate diagnosis. Why? Nobody knows it At their own risk the doctors decided to continue the treatment of kidney cancer. It was terrible to look at the child. Her weight at that time was 14 kg with height 110 cm. By October the girl has underwent 6 prescribed courses of chemotherapy and the doctors began to prepare her to the operation. Thank God, the general condition of the girl became stable. She even gained 3 kg.

A thrombus was found in the lower cava at the distance of 4 cm from Sophias heart (cava is a very big blood vessel leading to the heart). Anesthesiologists of the Institute of Cancer were afraid to carry out the operation in such condition. They had to ask for the assistance of the specialists from Kiev City Heart Center. There, on November, 25 within 5 hours 2 cardiac surgeons and 2 childrens oncologists have been trying to perform miracles of Sophias healing. During the operation her kidney, paranephros and thrombus were removed. All finished successfully. Multiple metastases in lungs were removed but not all of them. There were 6 in the right and 9 in the left lung. The girl was prescribed 12 courses of chemotherapy more. Sophia has already undergone a half of her way. 5 courses of chemotherapy are behind and 2 operations ahead to remove the metastases from lungs, and 7 courses of chemotherapy more.

The family has paid for treatment during 8 month without any support. They bought the medicine Cosmogen at the price of 70 Euro for pre-surgical courses of chemotherapy. Because of chronic anemia onset it is necessary to buy the medicine Aprex continuously

(3 thousand hrivna per month). After every chemotherapy course it is needed to do Granocid injections (not less than two vials) to increase leukocytes quantity (1800 hrivna for 1 vial). Double hepatitis test of donors is very expensive, too. A lot of money has been paid for medicines used during operation and childs stay at resuscitation departments. Sophias granny found difficulty in replying how much money has already been paid totally within the period of treatment. But it is clear the sum is huge. Sophias family is very intellectual and honest. All this time they carried the treatment on their own shoulders. Their relatives, friends and colleagues helped them. Many thanks indeed. But now urgent financial support is necessary. They wont be able to cope with it. Also, donors 3+ please, respond and contact to the grandmother. You blood may be needed.

This month Sophia's sister or brother will be born. So, Sophia should be cured completely in order to help her mother about the house. By my estimations the family should have not less than 20 000 hrivna. Then, I will keep you informed about all news concerning Sophia.

I continually get to know the medical histories of kids. And though I try to cultivate more tranquil attitude to the heard stories however, my protection is breached. Sometimes I feel these stories keenly, take them close to heart and if I cannot help, Ill never forgive myself. Sophias story is just the case Im talking about, and I hope that having read this article you would not pass by, and together we could help her to be back to her normal life.

Shopias address: Vasilievka town, Zaporozhye region.
Grandmother Zoya Vasilievna - +38 (096) 453 74 30
Volunteer - Zakharina Anna (iev)- +38 (067) 548 40 40

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