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Ivanchenko Nikolay - Infantile Cerebral Paralysis

Nikolay is now able to take his treatment! Thanks for your great support!

Author: Olga Kurlikova translated by Helen Zolotaryova, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-11-02 13-30-00 Viewed, times: 4393
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Nikolay was born on 6/20/1996

Diacrisis: Infantile Cerebral Paralysis, double hemiplegic form with tetraparesis

The simple hero Elena, Kolya Ivanchenko's mother, and her letter:

ЂOur long-desired and lovely Little was born on June 20th, 1996. We were more than happy. But neither me no my family knew anything about our future and all pecuniary and mental burdens. Among them are unchangeable cost cutting and fund raising for a treatment, people's misunderstanding. It's common situation when we go for a walk on weekends and people turn around because our boy is big and healthy at first sight but he is in an invalid's wheel chair. We have not to pay attention to it and inspire our boy.

We tried a lot, visited all pow-wows and charlatans that promised to treat the child.

Our boy tested pills, injections, massages, treatment in the Child's Hospital є2 and sanitarium Berdyansk, Odessa. We started to visit The Center of rehabilitation ICP Children in Donetsk. We tried different expensive medications - cerebrokurin (2000 grivnas), made injections with Di-sport (300 dollars) and laser surgery in Tula in 2000 and 2001 (12 000 rubles), tried dolphins' therapy and acupuncture. We do our special physical exercises and study at school all this time.

My child is 14 now and he has ICP, double hemiplegic form with tetraparesis. Neuropathologist treat ICP, but when the child is grown it's necessary to make a surgery. Orthopedists recommend to make legs surgery and try to stand on crutches to let my son serve himself and enjoy a life.

My boy is very stressed that he is unable to walk and says me:"Let's do a surgery Mom, I'll bear everything - a surgery and plastering. I want to play with my brother and walk".

We've tried different treatments during these 14 years to avoid a surgery but unfortunately it's unavoidable. I ask for helping my child because my family can not raise $5030 for a surgery.

Thank you.
Kolya Ivanchenko's mother"

It's common for all parents to think about their child's future, but the parents of kids with disabilities are more emotional. This is not just a surgery, this is a chance for Kolya...chance for a future, even with crutches, but free and his own.

Please, let's give a chance to Kolya and help to pay for a surgery!

The address is: Zaporozhye
Mother-Ivanchenko Elena Nikolaevna, +38 (098)212 79 08

You can ask for further information to "The Happy Child" fund's workers

The ways to make donations for Kolya's treatment:
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The report about donations

- It's $57,59 on the card account for October 28th, 2010

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