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Miracle for the Birthday

Sophia Geyko celebrated her 3rd Birthday on the 26th of November in the hospital in Belorussia. The best gift she got was an opportunity to continue a treatment

Author: Olga Kurlikova translated by Helen Zolotaryova, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-12-07 18-30-00 Viewed, times: 2634
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Birthday cake

All the family went to Belorussia because of Darling's birthday!

It's pleasant that a lot of partial people are worried and they help in Sophia's treatment. By making a report about donations We always thank all who don't leave this family in problems.

The financial department of the JSC "Dneprospezstal" decided to make a gift for Sophia's birthday and donated about 3000 grivnas for the mother's card account. The best gift in present situation is continuing of a treatment.

Sophia had a high temperature at the beginning of October, and doctors decided to make a special checkup. It showed that a herpes virus presents. The treatment was adjusted, and Sophia is better now (if you can just say this way - a little body is totally filled with medications). The parents paid debts partly (the debt by the 11.29.2010 is 5286 dollars) as they could, and thank you again for your sympathy and cooperation.

The treatment is going on and must be paid, and the price is not one thousands of dollars: it's two more unions and later - chemotherapy. The doctor in Belarusian clinic jokes and tells: "When are you going back to Ukraine?". Really, when back to Ukraine and where to find money to pay all new bills?

It's snowing, and all littles are dreaming about gifts that a man of God will put under the pillows. When he comes to Sophia's pillow in her hospital room let he put there a paid bill for a treatment in the hospital in Belorussia. Everybody of us can be a magician a little and make a miracle too. Your donation can help Sophia to get well soon. And then the man of God will smile and think: how perfect is that charity and empathy open more and more hearts.


It's sad...

Details for donating for SophiaТs treatment:
(Please let the Foundation members know about your donations)

Account in US dollars:

Beneficiary: Geyko Kristina
Account: 4405 8880 1605 5714
Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Swift code:PBANUA2X
swift code: CHASUS33

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