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A Child Needs a Family: Alexander F., was born in 1996

Alexandr finished school

Author: Victiria Mochalova, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-12-08 15-00-00 Viewed, times: 3088
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What else can you say about Sasha? Hes an ordinary teenager: sometimes he has mood swings, but all in all, hes really easy to deal with you need only to choose the right words for him. He also feels kindness towards him and gratefully responds back.

The young man becomes quickly offended, however, when someone carelessly makes rude remarks towards parents it doesnt matter whose his own or his friends. He cannot stand it even though he doesnt remember his mom and dad.

Sasha wants to become a bricklayer. Why? He told me that one time he, together with some other children and their manual training teacher, built Shevchenkos house with their own hands. Despite the fact that the house is not completed yet, and there are many things to do, the lad has already experienced the taste of this challenging profession, of a real mans work.

Sasha also attends professional courses of natural handcrafts. And he surely loves playing football! He finds goalkeeper boring, so he prefers kicking the ball around the field. Sasha gets along with the local guys pretty well; he says that they are not bad, and dont offend the orphanage boys. Sasha is a very versatile young man!

Its clear that he wont do well without your support. There are four-and-a-half years left till his school graduation. So, theres still enough time to give the boy the love of the family: your family.

Sasha is living in the boarding school.

If you would love to adopt this child or other children to your family, please read the memo to the potential adoptive parents, the guardians, the foster parents or contact us

If you are not ready to adopt at this moment (e.g. you are a student and havent created your own family yet) you can also help children from the boarding school (orphanage) by supporting organizationally or financially excursions and trips for the children, visiting a child in the orphanage, or helping with buying developmental toys, books, construction sets and sport equipment.

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