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A Child Needs a Family: Alina K., was born in 1997

Alya is 18 years old now

Author: Victiria Mochalova, translated by Helen Zolotaryova, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-12-13 17-05-00 Viewed, times: 6762
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Alina was left without the parents a long time ago, and the Children's Home (orphanage) in Volnyansk is her house from the 1st grade times. She takes part in the dancing group "Surprise", and she is mostly interested in modern sport dancing. Alina likes school courses - language, math, physical activity - it's a long list to count.

Alya was a guest in Italian and American families. It's not just a fun and relaxation for her; it's a huge experience because the girl can hardly remember her original family. Certainly, she went to the camps in the summer. She even went to "Molodaya gvardiya" camp, but she didn't like it because of a strict regime. The kids from Children's houses (orphanage) are cheesed-off with communal life. It's more important for them to feel their individuality and onliness like in the family. Just in the family.

If you are interested in adopting Alina, her sister Ulia or other children, please read the memo to the potential adoptive parents, guardians, and foster parents or contact us or provide Aline's profile #0060691 or Ulia's #0060693 to the State Department of Adoption.

If you are not ready to adopt at this moment (e.g. you are a student and havenТt created your own family yet) you can also help children from the boarding school (orphanage) by supporting organizationally or financially excursions and trips for the children, visiting a child in the orphanage, or helping with buying developmental toys, books, construction sets and sport equipment.

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