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Photo report on using donations from Wes P. and Kara. L. - March-May 2006

Author: јlbert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine, orphanages of Zaporozhye website Published: 2006-06-16 Viewed, times: 4325
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We thanks Kara l. from Los Angeles, USA and Wes P., Utah, USA for their donations and parcels to orphans,
hosted on weekends by Lena and Yura Gorev family.

Wes P. donated several times for clothes and other things for Nastya Sh. and other children. He also sponsored English lessons for Nastya Sh.
Last $50 (250 gryivnyas) donation was used for Nastya Sh. clothes:
1) Black skirt - 45 grn.
2) Bag - 35
3) Slippers - 15
4) Spectacles - 35
5) Underwear -25
6) Stockings -15
7) Socks - 4
8) Titles for schools - 60
9) Transport fee 6
10) Kvass - 3
11) Candy, ice-cream - 7
Reports were sent to Wes by Lena Goreva.

First parcel from Kara L. (May 5, 2006):

1) Nastya K. - clothes and gifts
2) Nastya Sh. - clothes and gifts
3) Kolya B. - clothes and gifts
4) Zhenya Sh. - clothes and gifts
5) Igor V. - clothes and gifts

Clothes, hair-pins, CD and book for English teaching were given to other children to the orphanage #3

Second parcel from Kara L. (May 25, 2006):

Clothes and shoes were given to Nastya K. and Nastya Sh., Alla B.,Dasha R., Anton M., Dima G.,Anya S.

For the Sunday school - letters, scissors, colour schemes.

Only several photos published here. The rest were sent to Kara and Wes

Gifts to Nastya Sh.

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