Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Children from the Zaporizhia training rehabilitation center of the Orphanage # 3 need gym trainers!

70% children examined were diagnosed with platypodia, and 80% - with habit scoliosis. Physicians advised the orphanage staff to purchase some training equipment. But the orphanage administration cannot afford it.

Author: www.deti.zp.ua, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-05-19 20-00-00 Viewed, times: 5444
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According to the childs orthopedist-traumatologist Dmitriy Zhytnik who carried out the examination, there turned out to be only eight healthy children out of 120. Slouch, scoliosis, kyphosis, and platypodia are all a real scourge of the pupils in the middle and senior classes.

However, its possible to solve these health problems with the help of corrective insole (a pair of them costs around 100-160 hryvnyas; 12-19 US dollars) and some special shoes (the cost of them varies depending on the quality from 300 to 1, 600 hryvnyas; 37-199 US dollars).

It goes without saying that children need some physical exercises. The orphanage desperately needs wall bars and at least ten exercise bicycles and the same amount of fitness balls. The exercise therapy room requires such medical equipment as Evminov prophylactic device a special wooden orthopedic trainer (it costs up to 2, 000 hryvnyas; 249 US dollars).

If you really intend to correct faults in posture, a regular therapeutic massage would be great, - says the doctor. But to make it all possible, its necessary to buy a massage table and to pay a massager.

The training rehabilitation center of the Orphanage # 3 administration is appealing to everyone who can make any possible donation for purchasing training equipment for the exercise therapy room!

You can find out the ways of donating for orthopedic trainers by contacting the Orphanage administration or by transferring your donation to the bank account of The Happy Child Foundation. The payment purpose of your donation should be Gratuitous donation to the Zaporizhia Orphanage #3.

(Please let the orphanage director and Foundation members know about all your donations)