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The Vasilyevka Special Comprehensive Secondary Boarding School for children with learning difficulties

The school is situated in the grounds of the picturesque, 19th century landmark, Popovs Castle

Author: Tatiana Pavlyuk, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-06-17 23-00-00 Viewed, times: 4777
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There are 150 pupils, from the ages of six to twenty, living and studying at the school - 90% of them are from low-income families. Most of them go home to stay with their parents for weekends and vacations. However, there are also ten children who dont go anywhere, because they have nobody they can visit on weekends. These are mainly orphans and children whose parents were deprived of their parental rights. Undoubtedly these children, even more than the others, need more attention and special care. The friendly orphanage staff does its best to compensate for the lack of a parents care and love. In the summer time, the orphans have the opportunity to travel to a childrens camp in the village of Kyrylivka, on the Sea of Azov. A holiday there is good for their health.

The pupils at this orphanage are all children diagnosed with varying levels of mental disability. These diagnoses could have been caused during pregnancy or at birth, or developed following difficult experiences or traumas while growing up. However, this doesnt stop them from enjoying life. They attend a variety of amateur interest groups, such as a designers club, arts groups and sports classes, and the pupils often take part in competitions. The local music school regularly visits the children to give concerts.

The boarding school staff consists of 105 qualified specialists such as a psychologist, a social teacher, and a speech therapist. The children keep themselves in good physical shape and good health at the well-equipped Therapy & Physical Training Room.

They have a computer classroom with seven computers, where the children have an opportunity to improve their computer literacy. Equally important is a Social and Living Adaptation Room, where the children learn useful skills they will definitely need in their grown up life. The skills include cooking, doing laundry, mending their clothes, as well as managing a family budget. The school workshop is fully equipped with woodwork, metalwork, shoemaking, sewing, plastering and painting departments. The Zaporizhia Vocational Training College gladly welcomes graduates from this boarding school. There, they gain professional training in a range of different jobs.

The boarding school has cozy rooms, accommodating 6-8 children each. The dining room provides the pupils with four meals a day. A specially devised menu satisfies their dietary needs. Individuals requiring a special diet are catered for.

Bringing up healthy children, in a physically active environment is the main goal of this boarding school.

The Vasilyevka boarding school needs many things, in common with other schools of its kind.

In particular the school staff would be grateful for:

A playground in the school yard
Developmental toys and modern class material

Computers and computer software used ones are appropriate as well
Audio and video equipment a used one is appropriate as well
Plants for landscape gardening of the boarding school territory
Football balls

The children would also love to go on interesting excursions.

It would be also nice to organize volunteer guards for the boarding school grounds, both during the day and in the evening.

The boarding school sponsors (The Zaporizhia Department of the Security Service of Ukraine) try their very best to support the children. But despite everything, the pupils are always in need of support from new sponsors - and other kind-hearted people, so that the children can enjoy a better quality of life, and improve their studies at this school.

The boarding schools address is:

The Zaporizhia region, The town of Vasilyevka, Gagarina St., 16
The school principal: Vizirenko Vitaly Ivanovich, tel. +380 (275) 7-21-71
Vice-princuple: Sidorova Larisa Vasilyevna, tel. +380 (275) 7-36-06
Email: vas_internat[at]mail.ru

The dormitory

The sports-play ground

Children create the beauty by their hands

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