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Natasha Shramko Cerebellum-Medulloblastoma, Mts in Spinal Medulla and Cerebrum

Fundraising closed in connection with the death of a child Our sincere condolences to the mother and sister Anya Marina.

Author: Nadezhda Ivashchenko, translated by Anna Oliynyk, www.donor.org.ua Published: 2011-06-25 12-00-00 Viewed, times: 5822
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Diagnosis - Cerebellum-Medulloblastoma, Mts in Spinal Medulla and Cerebrum

ATTENTION! AS AT 30.12.2015 .: Fundraising closed in connection with the death of a child.
Our sincere condolences to the mother and sister Anya Marina.

Natasha is an active and healthy girl, Moms supporter and the best friend of her beloved younger sister Anya. The girl loves drawing, embroidering and bead braiding. She is always friendly and communicative It is better to say this is how she used to be, not a long time ago, before the tragic day of April 3rd, 2011, when her life was divided into periods before and after.

In April this year, while being in a health resort, Natasha started having severe headaches, vomiting, wobbling while walking. In Tokmak clinic nobody could understand what the reason was, and nothing could help the girl, thats why Natasha was referred to the Neurosurgery Department of the Zaporozhye clinic. There doctors suspected at once that something was wrong, and made MRT (magnetic resonance tomography), which showed the tumor. But the question if it was malignant was left open. After 10 days spent at the hospital, at the end of April Natasha was again referred to the Neurosurgery Institute in Kyiv, where a surgery was carried out on April 18th, and the post-surgery histology clarified the diagnosis. The girl received her first chemotherapy course in Zaporozhye, and went to Kyiv to take a high-dose course. The estimates are she will need the total of 4 courses.

They are alone here, in an unfamiliar city, and it is not easy for them. Besides her Mom and her sister, Natasha doesnt really have anyone. Her parents are divorced, and her father does not contribute to his daughters lives. The younger girl even has to stay with neighbors at the moment. Before her daughter became sick Marina, Natashas Mom, had her business she was selling fish. Now of course, she had to drop it all. At home they had their own vegetable garden, which helped feed the family and a farmstead. Although it was difficult, they managed to survive somehow, but now now it is not just difficult, it is absolutely impossible to cope with their problems alone.

Im asking you to help this family very much. They are hardly able to survive, as their life now is nothing else but survival. If they have to pay for treatment too, they just wont be able to make it. They desperately need your support!

Natasha was slowly coming back to her life after a long and exhausting battle against cancer. She was learning to enjoy life anewShe truly believed that cancer would never come back. This ambitious young lady was making many plans and goals for the future.

One day Natasha suddenly felt so fatigued and to top it all severe pain in the area of her surgical scar. In the beginning, Natasha tried not to pay much attention to all these worrying symptoms. She just hoped she would be allright soon again. Unfortunately, her hopes were crashed by increasing pains and terrible weakness. The girl soon realized she could no longer stay in uncertainty, so she headed to the city for brain tomography.

The tomography confirmed Natashas fears...Cancer is backThis heartbreaking news was pure shock to the whole family. Natashas mom and younger sister are feeling completely lost. Their only hope are kind donors who have supported them so much before.

The family would be enormously grateful to you for any financial support! They urgently need at least 3,000 hryvnyas 190 US dollars! The future treatment will definitely require much more money, so your help is important!

We honestly hope you will support Natasha with your prayers and kind financial support! Lets help this courageous girl to win her life back!

Mothers telephone number: 096-285-16-15, Marina Shramko

Volunteers telephone number: 095-766-46-67, 099-024-27-68, Nadezhda Ivashchenko

For further information contact the volunteers of the Happy Child Foundation

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14.08.2015The drug is undergoing chemotherapy for Carboplatin 4 pack.186.95 US dollars
28.05.2015Purchase of drugs and therapy prohozhdenyya Course luchevoy47.99 US dollars
28.04.2015Drugs: Tserukal, Almagel A43.67 US dollars
23.04.2015MRT of a brain, lumbar and chest departments with contrasting101.14 US dollars
05.03.2015Purchase of medicines for the course of therapy42.07 US dollars
26.02.2015MRT-tomography of a brain, chest, lumbar and sacral departments of a backbone with contrasting79.16 US dollars
09.02.2015Medications: Karboplatin 12 318.88 US dollars
19.01.2015Medicines101.22 US dollars
13.01.2015Disposable gowns, shoe covers3.37 US dollars
05.03.2013MR tomography43.79 US dollars
15.05.2012to Shramko Natalia (medulloblastoma) for treatment16.27 US dollars
04.05.2012 Tsisilatin, Vink Ristin, Lomustine 75.09 US dollars
12.03.2012To purchase for lekartsv Shramko Natalia (cerebellar medulloblastoma)112.68 US dollars
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