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Reconstructing a Family-Type Home for Special-Needs Orphans at Kalinovka

Workers have completed practically all of the exterior work on the home for nine disabled children at Kalinovka

Author: Vovka, translated and editted by D. Sudermann, happychild.org.ua Published: 2011-10-24 19-15-00 Viewed, times: 2525
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Construction workers have already completed nearly all of the exterior work on the home for nine disabled boys at Kalinovka. In the living quarters the work is proceeding apace. On 6 October 2011 we visited the site.

Despite the obvious progress on the building, our project to create a family-type home for disabled children at Kalinovka calls for additional funding. Above all we need to support the work of two more teacher-care givers (approximately $400 per month.) You may also wish to review the December 2010 photo report here and the July 2011 report here (both in English). Vinca Petersen from England visited the Kalinovka Internat in July of 2010 and created a great report on her visit. УCottage of DreamsФ report appeared on the site in March 2011. Reports on donations and expenses as of May of 2011 show that there were UAH 221,204 in construction expenses and UAH 215,055 in donations (these last two pages are in Russian).

This report is edited from VovkaТs Happy Child blog and carries the title УA Movie about Building a House for Orphans at Kalinovka.Ф The site is in Russian, but the video is just images:

To get a clear picture of the process, take a look at the images below of the homeТs reconstruction: