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Auto adrenalin for children from Zaporozhe

Searching for new impressions, children from the large families became the viewers of breathtaking parallel racing competitions, organized by the sports and technical complex Auto Adrenalin

Author: Julia Akhtman, Vladimir Krasnogolovy, translated by Veronika Sheyko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-10-31 15-40-00 Viewed, times: 3107
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October 2, 2011 seventeen children from the large and low-income families of Zaporozhe visited Avangard stadium to become the viewers of racing competitions both the real professionals and ordinary motorists. It`s not the first time for the sports and technical complex Auto Adrenalin to organize parallel racing for all professional driving judges and adrenalin lovers.

The competitors were by their own autos, among which both domestic and foreign autos were presented. Undoubtedly, the drivers skills of quickly reaction in difficult situation and fine maneuvering couldnt leave all autodrome viewers indifferent.

However, the children for sure enjoyed this event more than anyone else! Engine roar, breaks screech and clouds of dust childishly ravished the adults, so you can imagine how impressed the children were!

The area was marked into two race circuits the outer and inner circle, where all the competitors started in pairs and overcame the distances at the time and speed. The autos began their heat simultaneously going to different circles, but after the first phase exchanged the directions.

The children chose their own favorites. Boys and girls argued with each other heatedly about those who would cross the finishing line the first. Such heat of emotions can be felt not every day! Certainly, these impressions last long for our little friends and, probably, anyone will even decide to be a champion in racing in the future!

Let`s support this childrens dream!

For getting to know how can you help the program of excursions and trips for the children from The Happy Child foundation, follow this link.

The Happy Child charity foundation thanks the Parallel racing event organizers - the sports and technical complex Auto Adrenalin.

Best regards and good pupils for your driving school!



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