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Cultural-educational center New Hope (Zaporozhye)

New Hope center helps children who dont have any parental support not to get lost on this road

Author: Yana Sasina, translated by Elena Guda, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-11-01 12-10-00 Viewed, times: 2779
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Now that the holiday of the last school bell in the boarding schools is over, a road to the adult life stretches before their senior grades recent students. Its already the second month that recent students of boarding schools are proudly called students and get their scholarships. Young boys and girls who never before held cash in their hands, went shopping or prepared dinner now start making the first steps in their independent lives. The cultural-educational center New Hope opens its doors for these children each evening after they come back from the lessons in those professional and technical schools where they study. How to maintain the budget, what to cook in the hostel besides ready made fast food; how to use computers and the Internet? Seven volunteers try to adapt orphans to the new conditions in their lives. They have organized lessons in housekeeping, computer literacy, applied interior design, English and even music for these children.

A company of like-minded enthusiastic people started to work with students of the senior grades and graduates of the boarding school #3. At present, according to Maxim Olypherovsky, the Centers Head, the group has a wish to extend their activities. If only they had more volunteers. Thus, last year, 48 orphans graduated from secondary schools. To support all of them, to organize different leisure activities and trainings takes people who are interested in work with youth.

Besides, New Hope is open for children from the neighboring blocks of flats: here they can learn some handicrafts as well as simply play such games as table football. In addition to different developing activities and games, the center volunteers inform children about the basics of Christian ethics and moral.

Program of support and social adaptation for boarding school graduates and students of the senior grades of boarding schools includes the following objectives:

1. Assistance for teenagers and young people from problematic groups in formation of their personalities.
2. Assistance in obtaining knowledge and practical skills required for independent lives - such as cooking, housekeeping, budget management etc.
3. Assistance in obtaining additional educational and professional skills (foreign languages, work on PC, sewing, applied interior design, cosmetology, visage etc).
4. Providing teenagers with a possibility to widen their notion of the variety and scopes of existing occupations.
5. Assistance in professional self-determination.
6. Forming a perception of family, parents roles and upbringing of children as important values.

Target group:

1. Graduates of boarding schools and childrens homes studying in professional schools and living in hostels.
2. Students of the senior grades of secondary schools from childrens homes and boarding schools.
3. Graduates of boarding schools living independently but requiring some kind of help.


1. Culinary school
The Center has an equipped kitchen where the boarding school graduates and pupils of the senior grades can learn skills of cooking; can get necessary advice and try the results of their own cooking.

2. Living essentials
Orphans-graduates often experience lack of simple household items such as plates, cups, cutlery, cooking pots, towels and bedding. New Hope center has started an initiative to collect sets of living essentials for boarding school graduates. With the support of Mennonite center (Molochansk, the Zaporozhye region) active members of the center were able to help 24 orphans graduates from the boarding school #3 (Zaporozhye).

3. Learning English and the computer class
The Center gives lessons in English for people having basic language skill level. For those who want to practice and master their knowledge there is a club of spoken English. In New Hope center, boarding school graduates are provided with possibilities to do their homework on computers; they are taught the basics of work with the PC and the Internet.

4. Trainings
Beside its volunteers, New hope invites all willing people to discussions, round tables and lections dedicated to important psychological and social aspects of life. Training topics are various: personal growth, relations within families, and issues of bringing up children.

Mailing address: Yatsenko st, 10-a Zaporozhye 69035 Ukraine
Tel.: + 38 (061) 222 60 92, 050 972 18 85

To be able to help orphans, teenagers and boarding school graduates, New Hope center needs support. You can support a particular child; you can take part in a program that you consider the most important and actual one; or you can make a donation for the statute activities of the center. Its founders provide full accountability for the completed activities and distribution of obtained funds.

Banking requisites in the national currency:
Recipients bank: , Kiev, Ukraine
Current account #: 26006000826294
(New Hope Charity Foundation)
: 322001
(): 37611328
Purpose: (Charitable donation)

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