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The Orekhov Regional Asylum for Children

This institution can shelter up to 50 children with hard fate aged from 3 to 18 at the same time

Author: Yana Sasina, translated by Yulia Alekseyenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-11-18 00-35-00 Viewed, times: 5705
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De jure a child’s staying in the asylum is limited with a three-month period, but de facto for many of the children the institution is their home place for half a year or even more.

Children from the Novonokolayevka, Volniansk, Tokmak, Kamianka-Dnieprovska and Orekhov districts are sent here for that period of time while their future is being solved. 2837 children stayed at the asylum from 1997 till 2011, and 149 of them found their families.

The reasons why the asylum is these children’s temporary home are trivial. Very often these children come from dysfunctional and as a result needy families. The Orekhov Asylum deputy headmistress Maksiuta Aliona Anatoliyevna says that some of the children that find themselves in their asylum were starving for a long time, very few of them attended school.

Two psychologists work with a child to adapt him or her to the new living conditions. The staff includes 10 teachers. In 2012 the institution is going to be transformed into a rehabilitation centre which is supposed to provide its foster children with integrated psychological help and psychological correction (compensation) measures, as well as a hotline for families who found themselves in crisis situations.

The Orekhov Regional Asylum for Children needs:
1. Clothes, footwear, bed linen, towels.
2. Educational toys for children of preschool and young school age.
3. A playground.

The Orekhov Regional Asylum deputy headmistress Maksiuta Aliona Anatoliyevna
Address: Zaporozhskaya St, 28, Orekhov, the Zaporozhye region
Tel.: +3 8 06141 4-38-96, +3 8 06141 4-40-10
e-mail: priyt.orihiv@meta.ua

You can make donations to the charitable account of the asylum:
Р/р 35424002001833
УДК у Оріхівському районі
МФО 813015
код ЄРДПОУ 25214831
Tel. /fax: 0614144010, 0614143896

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