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Dont let the children freeze!

The Orekhov Regional Asylum needs urgent modernization of its heating system. Otherwise the children will face the frosts with no warm radiators

Author: Yana Sasina, translated by Yulia Alekseyenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-11-18 00-45-00 Viewed, times: 3211
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Now the asylum shelters 23 children. The major aim of its administration it to survive the forthcoming winter. The point is that a new pump with a wet rotor is necessary for the satisfactory functioning of the heating system. Its approximate cost is 2,600 hryvnyas or 322 US dollars. Unfortunately five boilers at once have failed lately. Thats why the administration of the asylum is asking for help: if the equipment is not replaced in the nearest time many rooms will remain unheated. Right now children can put on warmer clothes or cover themselves with blankets, but these measures will be of no use when the temperature is below zero.

If we cant give these children the family warmth, lets give them at least warm radiators!

The Orekhov Regional Asylum deputy headmistress Maksiuta Aliona Anatoliyevna
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