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Vysokyj Zamok: "The share of orphans in Ukraine is disproportionate between West and East"

Approximately 1 in 100 children in Ukraine are deprived of parental care

Author: Vysokyj Zamok, www.wz.lviv.ua Published: 2011-11-21 12-30-00 Viewed, times: 2567
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However, in the East of the country, the risk to end up in orphanage for children is 3 to 4 times higher, than in the West (2% vs. 0.5%) reports the newspaper УVysokyj ZamokФ. The director of social programmes of the Razumkov Centre, Liudmyla Shanghina was asked to comment on the adoption situation in Ukraine.

The Eastern and Southern parts of Ukraine are depressing territories. Due to a production decline, lots of people ended up on streets. With no social prospects, they end up being alcoholics, drug addicts, and their families brokenЕ If the work of people is not appreciated and placed in survival terms, it loses its value. Those who survived the Siege of Leningrad, suffered for two years, and we have been suffering for 20 years already! The oligarchs are fond of such a situation. They ensure Уgood investment climateФ with cheap labour force. So, the people start breaking ties: firstly Ч with the state, then Ч with the society, and soon Ч with people close to them. The worst thing, they end up loosing sympathy for their own children.

There is a high number of social orphans in the West, as well. If to count, how many children are being raised by grandparents, while their mothers work as maids in Italy, one would get a shocking figure. But in the West people are more religious, than the East. During the Soviet times, the residents of the Eastern regions used to live according to certain rules the regime established, and, following its collapse, have failed to create the new onesЕ

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