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Through thorns to stars

On October 9th students from Zaporozhye educational rehabilitation boarding school conquered the cliffs on Khortytsia. Courage and agility were kids unfailing friends

Author: Yuliya Ahtman, translated by Yuliya Grytsenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-11-21 11-00-00 Viewed, times: 3342
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On October 9, 2011 twelve students from the educational rehabilitation boarding school (the former orphanage 3) had a fun and exciting day off on Khortytsia. After a long school week, children went on a field trip to conquer the cliffs of the legendary island and just relax in the fresh air among magnificent flora and fauna.

The golden foliage and the warm bright sun were giving kids a positive mood all they long. Picnic in the fresh air, entertaining games and jokes created a friendly, close-knit atmosphere among the students of the orphanage.

Our guest from California John Charlier mapped a route and prepared special equipment for rock-climbing. He also conducted training on safety and rules of the ascent to the top of the cliffs.

Overcoming the obstacles in their path, deftly and hand-in-hand kids climbed the cliffs as though they have long been natural-born climbers.

It was a fun and joyful day for all children. Happy and content with their courage and ability to overcome difficulties kids returned to the orphanage.

Employees of Charity Fund "The Happy Child" thank John Charlier for the organization of the master-class in rock-climbing.

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