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Small Introduction to The Big City

Students of the Zaporozhye orphanage for boys went on a tour of their hometown. Many kids saw cultural attractions Zaporozhye has to offer for the first time!

Author: Yuliya Ahtman, translated by Yuliya Grytsenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-11-21 10-30-00 Viewed, times: 3277
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On October 2nd, 2011 forty-one pupil of the Zaporozhye orphanage for boys went on an excursion to visit the cultural attractions of the city. You cant imagine how much kids waited for this day, because so rarely do they venture outside the orphanage!

Time was limited; therefore, young sightseers visited only some of the most popular attractions in Zaporozhye.

Introduction to their hometown began with a ride along the dam Dniproges, which is considered a symbol of industrial development of Zaporozhye and unity of Slavic people. The unique construction has no equivalent in the world, though for city residents it became a common and familiar way of travel from one end of town to another.

Riding down Lenin Avenue, which is considered one of the longest in Europe, many students of the orphanage saw Glinka Concert Hall, famous "Lovers Clock" on the Shevchenko Boulevard and monument to the pilots-liberators of Zaporozhye for the first time.

The city delighted children with its beautiful architectural buildings and monuments. With great pleasure boys would go on similar tours again and again.

All volunteers who want to help organize something for orphanages or donors willing to fund these trips, please contact the funds staff.

Boys visited V.I. Lenin monument

By the monument to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan

After a stroll through the autumn park kids went to honor the memory of soldiers who liberated Zaporozhye from Nazi occupiers in 1943

Our tour ended with a stroll in the park along the waterfront not far from the cascade and the Rainbow



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