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50 Euros from a Bulgarian Racing Motorcyclist...

A short commentary about a person with a caring heart

Author: Vladimir Krasnogolovy, translated by Daria Sukach, happychild.org.ua Published: 2011-11-22 22-30-00 Viewed, times: 2066
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It might seem a strange idea to show a video about Julia Kovdrya on the Mixovka Travellers Meeting 2011. This video about an ill young girl differs from all those breathtaking videos about brave travellers who conquered oceans and deserts. The video tells a story of Julia who dreams of visiting at least the Crimea, but cannot do so because her heart does not function properly. I felt somehow uneasy about this video even though nobody left the room during its showing. Actually, I did not expect any reaction.

A girl who sat near the fire sighed heavily and enthusiastically said, We travel and spend lots of money without being aware that there are ill children somewhere. What can we do? I tried to assure her that children are not ill because we travel, and that was enough to comfort the girl.

Later Anton Bondarenko told me that a young man wanted to talk to me. This tall and serious-looking person turned out to be from Bulgaria. Speaking a mix of Russian and English, we found out that he wanted to donate 50 euros for Julia Kovdrya. I asked him to say some words to the camera:

Sabin Kolarov is a motorcyclist and rally racing driver. He is a repeated winner of Bulgarian Motochampionship Offroad, a Champion of Bulgaria in 2005 in 4X4. Hes the member of Albania Rally Rade, Greece EVEA Rally, Baja Saxonia Germany, Carpat Trophy Romania 4X4. Hes a member of the Bulgarian Paris-Dakar team.

Sabin loves travelling and taking part in competitions not because of ill children. He does it because he likes it and he can do that. The only thing he could understand while watching the video about Julia is the girls desire to travel. Without a moments hesitation Sabin felt like helping this young girl. And its a normal wish. There are many kind people around the world who help ill children by greater and smaller donations. Many thanks to the Bulgarian sportsman and all the people who help because its normal and natural to do so. Actually anyone can choose to help or not to help someone else - the most important thing is that someone does it!

Generally speaking, the goal of this commentary was not really grand. The moral aspect and the idea of this little article are also rather weak. The commentary, however, portrays the face of a warm-hearted person. And thats awesome!

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