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Meshan Denis, born in 2006 Bilateral (two-sided) sensorineural hearing loss (3rd stage), auditory neuropathy

Thanks to all of you, our kind donors, Denis has a chance to hear! The hearing aid is already purchased!

Author: Inna Grigoryeva, translated by Yuliya Grytsenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-11-23 13-30-00 Viewed, times: 3738
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Meshan Denis, born 29.08.2006

Diagnosis: Bilateral (two-sided) sensorineural hearing loss (3rd stage), auditory neuropathy

Thanks to all of you, our kind donors, Denis has a chance to hear! The hearing aid is already purchased!

Im thankful for having both ears that hear well, for eyes that see well, for two legs that walk and two hands that function.

Truthfully, who pays attention to such things? There is hearing, vision, ability to move its there, and after all, it must be there. But can you imagine, just for a moment, that lets say you lost your hearing? You cant hear a thing. It is scary even to think about it - is it not?

Denis lives in Zaporozhye. He is a strong boy who takes swimming classes and is very fond of different sports. This is all thanks to his dad; Denis father is military retiree and he teaches his son to be a man from childhood. But, unfortunately, the child has a profound hearing loss. Once a kid turned one year old parents raised that alarm, as baby still had not begun to pronounce syllables and almost didnt react to speech. During check-up at ENT Institute he was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Thus, his father a military man started to fight for the health of his son.

The situation wasnt hopeless a small percentage of Denis hearing is still preserved, so the doctor ordered a hearing aid. Under the state program children with hearing loss are provided with hearing aids free of charge. Denis started to wear such device behind his ear gradually adjusting to new sensations and sounds.

Unfortunately, the quality of free hearing aids is something to be wished for in them child constantly hears background noises, interferences and in addition, after prolonged use these types of hearing aids start to fail. Denis wears his device for more than three years now and it already started to glitch. There are better quality hearing aids more powerful, noise-cancelling devices manufactured by European countries, but they cost way more than a few hundred hryvnias.

During last appointment his physician-audiologist picked-up for the boy the most appropriate hearing aid manufactured by Siemens high quality, with good noise-reduction and parameters appropriate for Denis. However, the cost of such devices is beyond Denis parents means: 8,408 Ukrainian hryvnia or 1,043 US dollars for one device , 16,816 hryvmyas or 2,087 US dollars for both.

Denis father, Victor Alekseevich, though for a while how to make the right decision: on the one hand, he is a strong man not accustomed to seek help from anyone, on the other hand, a high-quality modern digital hearing aid can help his son better develop speech, will suppress extraneous noises and will serve faithfully. Therefore, he decided to reach out to the charity fund.

Perhaps together we can raise the necessary amount and Denis will have a good-quality hearing aids. For the fourth year this little boy studies with a great teacher, attends a special kindergarten for deaf children, he understands everything just cant talk yet.

Lets try to raise 16,816 Ukrainian hryvnias (2,087 US dollars) for the purchase of two hearing aids - Siemens Ciello 2SP for the reparation of the profound hearing loss for Denis Meshan!

For further information please contact the volunteers of The Happy Child Foundation
Family lives in Zaporozhye.
The phone number of Denis father - Victor Alekseevich: +38 096 559 43 95

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

Reports of Donations Received

November-December 2011 - 1.179 hryvnyas (146.50 US dollars)

Reports of Donations Spent

November-December 2011 - 1.179 hryvnyas (146.50 US dollars)

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