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To say Thank You is better late than never...

Children from Zaporizhzhya say thank you to people who helped them in 2011. This video is devoted to Thanksgiving Day

Author: Vladimir Krasnogolovy, translated by Daria Sukach, blog.klubok.org.ua Published: 2011-11-28 23-30-00 Viewed, times: 2529
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On every fourth Thursday of November American people celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Nowadays this holiday is primarily secular. However, this day has some festive peculiarities a delicious oven roasted turkey and thank you from your all family members and friends. People say thank you to each other for their being, as well as for being able to relay on each other any moment. Sometimes they say thank you just out of joy.

We decided to make our own symbolic holiday turkey with this short video for all the warm-hearted people who supported our children in 2011. They did it through our charity foundation and directly. This video shows children and their parents who want to express their deep gratitude to everyone who helped them. They also want to share their happiness with you. They all had their own health problems and tough periods of life, and now they have their own happiness! One feels always more delighted to share their joy rather than sorrows. We managed to collect so much positive material and we failed to complete this video report on time, for Thanksgiving Day. Even now this video is currently not really complete. But its better to hear thank you late than never. And its a special privilege to hear thank you from a child

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