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In November, 2011 more than 80 foster- children and children from needy and large families had a wonderful time skating on Katran Ice Arena

Author: Julia Akhtman, translated by Yulia Alekseyenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2011-12-07 14-30-00 Viewed, times: 4922
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To brighten the foster-childrens life with new impressions the Katran skating-rink administration and The Happy Child Charity Foundation invited these children to skate.

In November, 2011 the pupils of Zaporozhye educational and rehabilitation centre Dzherelo ("Spring"), a group of children from the comprehensive boarding school No 4. as well as children from Zaporozhye needy and large families visited the skating-rink. The skating-lovers were given nice skates and the keys from comfortable and spacious fitting-rooms, and what is the most important free time. And the children had a wonderful time skating.

We are glad that our children can have such an opportunity. One can see that spending time like this brings the children a lot of joy and pleasure, - the director of studies in educational activities of Boarding school No 4 Galina Aleksandrovna Kruts considers.

To sum it up, more than 80 children who need special care and attention have visited the skating-rink this month. The children have got an enormous amount of pleasure, positive emotions and will keep good memories for a long time.

The Staff of The Happy Child Charity Foundation express their gratitude to the Katran skating-rink administration. We wish you a good luck and nice visitors!

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