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A Child needs a family: Viktoriya D, born in 1994

Vika finished school

Author: www.deti.zp.ua, translated by Yevheniya Devyatkova, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2010-05-27 19-30-00 Viewed, times: 1615
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When I came to the orphanage for the first time, Viktoriya wasn't there Ч she went to the track-and-field athletics competition. Actually, this wasn't new to her, the girl took part in school championships many times, but never before did she compete outside the orphanage. How did this start? Viktoriya noticed that other girls were doing sports, came to the couch herself and said УI want to try!Ф. And it's a good thing that she did. She showed remarkable talent and diligence. And later she went to the regional competition among children with disabilities, the only one from her orphanage Ч and won, took the first place in her age group, overcoming all the other athletes!

Do you think that first thing Viktoriya did when she met me was boasting about her victory? Not at all: I found out about her achievement from the teachers. Viktoriya told me only that she liked doing sports and enjoyed competing very much. УIt's only that my back aches, and sometimes my legsФ - said the girl with a smile. But it is a common thing for her Ч she has to overcome pain every day, and it's not only physical pain. Viktoriya has no family, no loved ones who could share both joy and sadness with her. She invents her own family, fantasizes why relatives cannot visit her or even write letters...

What else can I say about Viktoriya? For the rest she is an ordinary teenager. Only she is a very modest girl. She enjoys studying, sewing and cooking. She likes animals very much and even told me that she wants to become a milkmaid in the future. But what she needs most now is a real family. Instead of that imaginary one... What would you say to that?

If you are interested in adopting this child or other children, please read the memo to the potential adoptive parents, guardians, and foster parents; you can also contact ChildrenТs Affairs' service of the Zaporozhia State Administration by telephone (061) 239-01-56 and tell them the profile numbers of Viktoriya - 0061095.

If for some reason you are currently not able to adopt (for example, you are a student and do not have a family of your own yet) you are still able to help children at a boarding school (an orphanage) with your financial support. Ways you can help include: planning and participating in excursions and trips for children; visiting a child in an orphanage; or helping purchase developmental toys, books, construction sets, and sports equipment.

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