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Dima Lyaut, born in 2005 - Retroperitoneal neuroblastoma

Our sunny angel, Dima Lyaut flew away from us...This brave boy passed away...

Author: Inna Grigoryeva, translated by Daria Sukach, deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-03-23 21-00-00 Viewed, times: 6082
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Lyaut Dima, born on 16th of June 2005

Dignosis: Retroperitoneal neuroblastoma

Our sunny angel, Dima Lyaut flew away from us...This brave boy passed away on July 30th 2014...

Last June Dima turned six years old. He finally got big enough to start school. There were still so many exciting things left to do such as buying copy-books, pens, a schoolbag, and the most important, a suit with a tie! Yes, Dima definitely should wear a tie like his dad. The boy really wants to look like his father. Therefore, in July, Dima was going to have much fun with his older brother and younger sister and swim in the river. And then in August he would eventually start his school preparations

But one day a terrible nightmare ruined all Dimas big plans: the boy suddenly felt very ill and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors revealed a tumour that was urgently removed. The hospital is currently substituting as his home, and, thus, the school start has had to be postponed.

Since June 2011, Dima has undergone several courses of chemotherapy but neuroblastoma is a very insidious disease that will not give up so easily. Dimas immune system has been extremely weakened and exhausted by the powerful drugs. His latest chemotherapy resulted in an internal hemorrhage.

Dimas parents are on the edge of despair. Besides Dima they have two other children of 13 years and 10 months respectively who have rarely seen their parents for half a year. Although Dimas father works hard as a miner he is trying his very best to support his family. The Lyaut family needs your financial support very much: they have to buy some chemotherapy medications and some immune strengthening drugs at their own expense and that means 1.000-2.000 hryvnyas (124-248 US dollars) a month. Apart from that, Dima should urgently undergo a computed tomography that costs 1.000 hryvnyas (around 124 US dollars) and also MIBG scanning in Moscow that requires 8.000 hryvnyas (around 995 US dollars). Dimas parents dont have any idea where they can get such large amounts of money. Since the beginning of their sons treatment they have emptied their family budget, borrowed some money from relatives and even took loans.

Help this little brave boy to recover and finally start his school! Dima is really looking forward to your kind support!

Dima Lyaut urgently needs your financial support in buying three bottles of Irinotecan medicine at the cost 1,700-1900 hryvnyas (160 US dollars) each! We hope for your kind support! There is no little help when it comes to saving someones life. Help little Dima, please!

The family lives in the town of Dniprorudniy (the Zaporizhzhia region).

The cell phone number of Dimas father Vladimir: +38 097 102 50 62

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
18.07.2014Michael MaguireUSA320 US dollars
18.07.2014Eleanore K.USA160 US dollars
17.07.2014Anton K.Ukraine469.3 US dollars
16.07.2014Albert K.Ukraine8.49 US dollars
13.07.2014Sergey D.Ukraine8.51 US dollars
04.07.2014AnonymousUkraine116.68 US dollars
24.04.2014Konstantin .Ukraine175.68 US dollars
04.02.2014Michael MaguireUSA195.3 US dollars
26.01.2014Julia S.Ukraine24.9 US dollars
21.01.2014Scherbina L.Ukraine6.26 US dollars
08.08.2013Brian W.undefined22 US dollars
01.07.2013Paskalova I.Ukraine6.26 US dollars
21.06.2013Paskalova I.Ukraine6.26 US dollars
18.06.2013AnonymousUkraine12.36 US dollars
11.03.2013lytvynUkraine3.75 US dollars
31.03.2012Proceeds to the personal accounts of parentsUkraine2489.64 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 4025.37 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
25.07.2014Acquisition drugs: Irinotecan and chemotherapy757.27 US dollars
18.07.2014Medications: irinotecan154.52 US dollars
16.07.2014Medications: irinotecan315.02 US dollars
16.07.2014Spiral computed tomography of the abdomen with contrast and chest cavity without contrast128.65 US dollars
13.02.2014Spiral computed tomography of the chest without contrast and organs of the abdomen with intravenous contrast158.93 US dollars
27.01.2014Payment trip to Moscow on MIBG-scan750.66 US dollars
11.11.2013 abdominal organs with intravenous contrast, the thoracic cavity without contrast146.38 US dollars
09.10.2013Polyoxidonium amp. 0,006 g40.79 US dollars
09.08.2013topotecan663.08 US dollars
17.07.2013Spiral CT of the abdomen and chest with contrast170.02 US dollars
21.06.2013TCS edged abdomen and chest cavity146.38 US dollars
31.05.2013Helical computed tomography of the chest cavity and abdominal organs with contrast170.02 US dollars
15.03.2013SKT abdominal organs and chest cavity146.38 US dollars
19.02.2013Topotecan 3 vials.825.72 US dollars
04.04.2012Examination and treatment Lyaut Dmitry (neuroblastoma of the right adrenal gland)659.12 US dollars
31.03.2012to Lyaut Dmitry2489.64 US dollars
23.03.2012Tomography for Lyaut Dmitry (neuroblastoma of the right adrenal gland)146.51 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 7869 US dollars

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