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Oksana Ananyeva, born in 1983 chronic viral hepatitis C. Yaroslav Ananyev, born in 2010 - perinatal cytomegalovirus infection

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you and the Ukrainian Charitable Exchange we have managed to collect the necessary sum of money for a couple of months for Oksanas treatment! Thanks a lot!

Author: Alina Senyuk, translated by Elena Guda, deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-04-02 14-00-00 Viewed, times: 6011
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Oksana Ananyeva, born in 1983 and Yaroslav Ananyev, born in 2010

Diagnosis: Oksana Ananyeva chronic viral hepatitis C. Yaroslav Ananyev perinatal cytomegalovirus infection

ATTENTION (09.09.2013).:
The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to you and the Ukrainian Charitable Exchange we have managed to collect the necessary sum of money for a couple of months for Oksanas treatment! Thanks a lot!

2008 turned the quiet and calm life of the Ananyevs family upside down. The young girl who had just settled her life by and by and made up her mind to have a child was diagnosed with a terrible disease: chronic viral hepatitis C with development of hepatic cirrhosis. Together with her husband terrified with the news, Oksana did not know what to do: either to give up their plans to have a child for an uncertain period or to risk and let the dream come true. After long deliberation and medical consultations the family couple took their decision and Yaroslav was born a year later.

Though the boy was born with antibodies to the hepatitis meaning that his virus is inactive, his immune system in general is very weak; he has perinatal cytomegalovirus infection and as a result affected central nervous system (hydrocephalic syndrome, dysbacteriosis etc.)

Oksana has been undergoing treatment for a year and a half; enormous sums have been spent on it, but the virus continues its destructive activity.

The family income makes 3,000 UAH ($372). The treatment should not be interrupted because this will result in the disease relapse.

Oksana is twenty nine years old. Despite the efforts of the doctors and her family, the illness would not retreat. The doctors were prescribing the newest medicines which were meant to stop the destruction caused by the virus. These medicines are quite expensive. A course of treatment lasts one year. A two months' stock of two out of three medicines, "Rebetol" and "Pegentron", have already been purchased by the "Happy Child" foundation as part of "Helpus" assistance project, at a monthly cost of UAH 1,000 (125 US dollars) and UAH 8,620 (1,078 US dollars) respectively. There is also the third, most expensive medicine, 'Viktrelis'. A monthly dose of it costs UAH 37,000 (4,630 US dollars). It doesn't have to be taken for a year but until it has a certain positive effect on the body. It be two months, if we're lucky. For now it's impossible to predict the timescales. However, if the medicines are not taken as soon as possible, the liver could fail and a very complicated and costly liver transplant would be required.

Little Yarolsav is also weak; the function of his gastrointestinal tract is disturbed. The child requires constant support with ferments (such support and treatment costs about 500 600 UAH monthly ($62-74)). So, both mother and her child are fighting for their lives in this family and every coin counts!

Dear friends, help us to save my daughter and grandson! simply begs us Tatyana - Oksanas mother and Yaroslavs grandmother. We hope that the world is full of kind kind people. And we will pray for you all!

Oksanas mobile telephone: + 38 067 742 44 05

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10.01.2014Box for donationUkraine45.04 US dollars
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26.11.2012Sergii Sh.USA126.36 US dollars
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02.08.2012Polonskaya AnnaUkraine31.28 US dollars
31.07.2012Proceeds to the personal accounts of parentsUkraine187.66 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 15524.58 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
14.01.2014Buying drugs Bionorm 6 pack.15.09 US dollars
14.01.2014Buying drugs: Mezim fort nucleinate, Sorbifer Durules, Ursosan, Etamsylate53.94 US dollars
27.11.2013Viktrelis kap.200 number 336 2 pkg.6280.5 US dollars
05.11.2013Delivery Viktrelis3.32 US dollars
04.11.2013Viktrelis kaps.2004604.03 US dollars
04.06.2013PegIntron liof.por. 4 pack.1111.85 US dollars
31.05.2013Copegus tab 2 packs of 200mg.139.91 US dollars
27.05.2013Recharge advertising account48.56 US dollars
16.05.2013Recharge advertising account48.56 US dollars
24.04.2013PegIntron far. lyophilization. 80 mg 0.5 ml - 4 Pack1076.89 US dollars
09.08.2012for treatment31.28 US dollars
20.06.2012to Ananieva Oksana (chronic viral hepatitis C)6.88 US dollars
15.05.2012Anan eva Oksana (chronic hepatitis C)9.89 US dollars
28.03.2012Treatment of dnevnom statsyonare Ananyev Oksana (CHRONIC vyrusny hepatitis C)1277.28 US dollars
03.03.2012 Creon , Bifiform , Intestifag medecines for Anan eva Oksana (chronic viral hepatitis C)34.18 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 14742 US dollars

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