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I Want to Be Project: Workshop for boarding-school students from a participant of the TV show Everybody Dances! - 4

On Saturday, March 17 at the Sport Palace Youth Zoya Saganenko, a participant of the fourth season of a popular TV show Everybody Dances!, met with the students from Matveevka orphanage and boarding school #7

Author: Julia Akhtman, translated by Alexandra Latypova, akhtmanyulia.hiblogger.net Published: 2012-04-03 13-35-00 Viewed, times: 4401
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Photography: Dmitry Buryak, Pavel Veselkov, Julia Akhtman

On Saturday, March 17 at the Sport Palace "Youth" Zoya Saganenko, a participant of the fourth season of a popular TV show Everybody Dances! met with the students from Matveevka orphanage and boarding school #7. The arrival of the talented dancer from the capital of Donbass - Donetsk to Zaporozhye was motivated by her compassion for children who do not live in their families but in an orphanage. The arrival of Zoya was a really exciting surprise for the children, and a charitable workshop from the TV star - a memorable gift that will live in memory of the young dance fans.

Of course, a lot of kids wished to participate in Zoya Saganenkos workshop, so one of the main problems in the organization of the event was to find a good venue: members of the "Happy Child" foundation needed to find a spacious, well-lit hall with mirrors and hardwood flooring. The administration of the Sports Palace "Youth" agreed to help by providing a beautiful 230 square meters sports hall with high ceilings and all the amenities like changing rooms and showers. For that we thank them very much. The kids could start dancing in a great room.

Dance develops physical strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. It fosters team spirit, musicality, grace and style.

Zoya Saganenko conducted the workshop in two styles - jazz funk and Contempo. As a special treat for her young fans, Zoya showed some of the best of her dance performances. The kids learned some new movements repeating after their choreographer.

So what is the Contempo and jazz funk? Contempo (Contemporary) - is one of the trends of a modern dance, based on Western (jazz, modern, classical dance) and Eastern (yoga, qigong, tai chi chuan) art movement. This type of a dance provides an opportunity to understand our body, how it can work effectively. But the main thing - is the pleasure of movement and improvisation in a dance.

In Jazz Funk smooth wavelike movements suddenly shift to abrupt and impulsive ones. This is a very energetic, expressive and sometimes even eccentric dance. It cannot be described by any single characteristic, since this trend combines dance styles such as jazz, wacking, street dance. And, of course, this style requires constant training and physical endurance.

By the way, Zoya Saganenko has been dancing for over 7 years. While pursuing her passion for dance, she also graduated high school with a gold medal (highest academic achievement award), graduated DonNTU with a degree in "Management of foreign economic activity of the enterprise" and won a place in the top twenty dancers in Ukraine.

"Dance is a great opportunity for self-expression. It also helps to support good physical shape. Dancers have a great sense of balance, good posture, and positive thinking " - said Zoya to the kids.

After completion of the workshop all the kids were photographed with the star and took autographed pictures as a memory of the event. Zoya wished her young fans success in all their creative as well as in academic and self-development endeavors.

The "Happy Child" charity foundation expresses gratitude to all those who support the children, namely:

Director KSZP "Youth" Ivan Dmitrievich Luzhanitse;
Deputy Director KSZP "Youth" Olga Semyonovna Kozlova;
Headmistress Matveevka orphanage Larisa Konstantinovna Konkova;
Deputy for education Lubov Ostapets;
Zoya Saganenko choreographer, as well as her assistant, Maria.

We wish you success in everything!

Support the development of tours and educational programs for children at "Happy Child" charity foundation. To learn more about how to help this unique project, please visit www.deti.zp.ua



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