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Mark Bekh, born in 1991 - acute lymphoid leukemia

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to our kind-hearted donors and volunteers from the medical university Mark could successfully complete his chemotherapy. Thanks a lot!

Author: Alina Senyuk, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-05-18 18-30-00 Viewed, times: 4629
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Mark Bekh, born on the first of September 1991

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoid leukemia.

ATTENTION (18.06.2013).:
The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to our kind-hearted donors and volunteers from the medical university Mark could successfully complete his chemotherapy. Thanks a lot!

Mark is very intelligent, polite and self-confident. There is no wonder that everyone loves him at the Private Classic University in Zaporizhzhia. The life of this twenty-one-year old student did not really differ from the life of his peers: he fell in love, played in the city theatre, sometimes was disappointed but most important he always kept his chin up. One day, however, Marks life completely changed. Now his carefree daily routine is over and substituted by a hospital ward

Mark during his chemotherapy

Everything started with a bad headache that was increasing day by day. He was also suffering from a constant pressure in the sinuses and a head cold. The young man felt concerned and decided to consult a doctor. He was diagnosed with a sinus disease and was prescribed a treatment course. The treatment turned out to be absolutely ineffective, though. Mark took some more tests which revealed this terrible diagnosis - acute lymphoid leukemia. The lad took this shocking news bravely, hugged his confused mom and whispered into her ear: Everything will be just fine, Mom! Well overcome it, Im sure of it!

At first I felt desperate and helpless. I have never faced such serious diagnoses before and I just could not figure out where I could get such huge sums of money for my sons treatment. The mothers of cancer sick children at the hematology department advised me to appeal to the Happy Child Charity Foundation. Many people feel ashamed to ask for money. Theres nothing shameful here, in my view, if your child is seriously sick. One should always trust God and hope for some support from kind people, - says Marks mom Lyudmila.

Their friends have supported them as much as they could. Now Mark is hoping for some help from kind strangers who will read this article.

Were asking you to support Mark and his mom Lyudmila! Help this vibrantly young man bring his life back, please!

On June 7th Mark is to start his 12th chemotherapy. This round requires approximately 125 US dollars! His single mother cant easily find this sum due to her financial difficulties. Help Mark, please!

Mark is taking his treatment at the Regional Hospital in Zaporizhzhia.

"Dear Friends, Mark really needs your help!"

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

The cell phone of Marks mother Lyudmila: +38 068 447 90 40

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
24.08.2016Chashchina NinaUkraine0.99 US dollars
22.08.2016Anna B.Ukraine1.19 US dollars
19.08.2016O. Y.Ukraine7.73 US dollars
18.08.2016AnonymousUkraine1.94 US dollars
17.08.2016Scherbina L.Ukraine7.98 US dollars
08.07.2016Scherbina L.Ukraine4.02 US dollars
07.07.2016AnonymousUkraine2.01 US dollars
05.07.2016AleksandrovnaUkraine3.92 US dollars
12.02.2016AleksandrovnaUkraine3.73 US dollars
06.02.2016Irina Y.Ukraine384.28 US dollars
17.01.2016Irina Y.Ukraine411.37 US dollars
06.01.2016Tatiana N.Ukraine8.41 US dollars
01.01.2016Elena D.Ukraine7.29 US dollars
30.12.2015Dima . and Elena S.Ukraine14.71 US dollars
26.11.2015VitalinaUkraine4.21 US dollars
11.11.2015Ol'ga G.Ukraine8.79 US dollars
08.11.2015Kristina D.USA29.04 US dollars
06.11.2015Chashchina NinaUkraine1.09 US dollars
11.06.2013anonymUkraine0.5 US dollars
10.06.2013Chashchina NinaUkraine4.38 US dollars
09.06.2013bloknot_kievUkraine12.51 US dollars
07.06.2013Box for donationUkraine25.91 US dollars
07.06.2013Fomenko V.Ukraine37.53 US dollars
04.06.2013bloknot_kievUkraine2.5 US dollars
28.05.2013Amy S.USA195.3 US dollars
07.05.2013Oleg K.Russia32.05 US dollars
08.02.2013artemuchUkraine12.88 US dollars
15.11.2012AnonymousUkraine246.97 US dollars
31.08.2012Proceeds to the personal accounts of parentsUkraine141.5 US dollars
31.07.2012Proceeds to the personal accounts of parentsUkraine65.06 US dollars
30.06.2012Proceeds to the personal accounts of parentsUkraine100.09 US dollars
30.05.2012Proceeds to the personal accounts of parentsUkraine456.68 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 2236.55 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
23.08.2016Purchase of medicines, intravenous lines and passing examinations in ZOKB19.79 US dollars
22.08.2016Medications: Purchase of medicines, intravenous lines and passing examinations in ZOKB59.38 US dollars
19.08.2016Medications: Bioven, Filist208.14 US dollars
16.08.2016Medications: Bioven, Filist67.96 US dollars
14.07.2016Pharmaceuticals Preparations and Surveying25726.8 US dollars
21.06.2016For the purchase of medicines and passing examinations in the Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital44.2 US dollars
18.04.2016Medications: Asparaginase 5 amp.78.51 US dollars
29.03.2016Medications: Asparaginase 5 vials76.72 US dollars
18.03.2016Drugs: 5 vials Asparaginase524.35 US dollars
01.03.2016Medications: Filstim 2 pkg48.06 US dollars
12.02.2016Purchase of medicines76.68 US dollars
04.12.2015Purchase of drugs and stay in the intensive care unit83.89 US dollars
25.11.2015Purchase of medicines: Filstim 2 pack108.89 US dollars
04.11.2015Purchase of medicines: Allopurinol, vincristine, Teva, dexamethasone, Methotrexate Ebewe, omeprazole 12 pack, 2 pack Osetron, prednisolone 3 pack, Cytosar 6 pack, 2 pack Endoxan, Epirubicin Teva 3-pack498.83 US dollars
27.11.2014Purchase of drugs to undergo chemotherapy133.57 US dollars
02.09.2014Lekarstvennh the purchase of drugs153.74 US dollars
24.06.2014Epirubicin, Gepadif, Mildronat, saline, syringes, system 10pcs168.18 US dollars
16.04.2014Acquisition drugs175.5 US dollars
27.02.2014Buying drugs: Alexan, Metamax, Mildronat, Cytosar, Gepadif210.13 US dollars
09.01.2014Purchase of medicines: Alexan, Metamax, Mildronat, Cytosar, Gepadif Syringes, Systems and Health Survey250.22 US dollars
22.11.2013Syringes, ampoules Mildronat Alexan, epirubicin, Saline, Cytosar, Ingristin, Gepadif250.22 US dollars
24.09.2013The acquisition of medicines and medical examination250.22 US dollars
25.07.2013Purchase of drugs: Alexan, epirubicin, Fiz.rastvor, Cytosar, Ingristin, Mildronat in ampoules Gepadif, syringes, Systems250.22 US dollars
07.06.2013Metamax, Osetron, vincristine, cyclophosphamide250.22 US dollars
01.03.2013Metamax, Osetron, Vincristine, Cyclophosphamide250.22 US dollars
31.08.2012to Mark Beh141.5 US dollars
20.08.2012Mildronate, Gepadif medicines37.41 US dollars
31.07.2012to Mark Beh65.06 US dollars
24.07.2012Bifiform, Ursohol, Preductal, mez108.22 US dollars
30.06.2012to Mark Beh100.09 US dollars
30.05.2012to Mark Beh456.68 US dollars
24.05.2012Byfyform, ursochol, Preduktal, Omega88.46 US dollars
23.04.2012Filstim, Epirubicin medicines587.18 US dollars
05.04.2012During the examination of Mark Beh (acute leukemia)187.78 US dollars
30.03.2012Filstim 5 pack. for Beh Mark (acute leukemia)256.43 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 31993 US dollars

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