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Tokmak District Central Hospital (TDCH)

TDCH provides medical assistance to children from Tokmaksky, Chernigovsky, and Mykhailovsky districts

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Anna Oliynyk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-08-02 19-00-00 Viewed, times: 6129
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The Hospital provides medical assistance from Tokmaksky, Chernigovsky and Mykhailovsky districts, covering 5,700 children.

Besides, there is a Maternity Department and Intensive Care Unit for newborns. According to 2011 statistics, 25 babies were born in the Maternity Department monthly.

The hospital covers the needs of children with:

30 therapy beds
10 beds in Infectious Diseases Department
30 beds in Maternity Department

- UCARD 100 electrocardiograph - UAH 8,900 Ц 1,094 US dollars
- Electric pads for labor rooms
- Electric pads for swaddling tables - 5 pieces Ц UAH 1,200/piece Ц 147 US dollars

Full name:

Tokmak District Central Hospital


55 Revolyutsionnaya St.
Tokmak district
Zaporozhye region

E-mail: medik@z.ukrtel.net

Phone numbers:

Receptionist: +38 (06178)2 26 27

Registration Desk, ChildrenТs Hospital: +38 (06178)2 22 21

Registration Desk, Maternity Clinic: +38 (06178)2 24 95

Chief Accountant, Lubov Ivanovna: +38 (06178)2 2 267

Deputy Chief Doctor for Children:

Svetlana Yulchenko

Chief Doctor:

Vasiliy Marusenko

Before providing any support to Tokmak District Central Hospital, we recommend prior contacting Administration of the Hospital (Heads of Departments or Chief Doctor) and the "Happy Child" Foundation.

You can make a donation with a bank transfer to current account of the "Happy Child" Foundation or purchase the necessary equipment and donate it to the Pediatric Department of Tokmak District Central Hospital.

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