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Chernigovka central regional hospital: childrens unit and childrens infectious diseases unit

For over a century the Chernigovka hospital has been caring for the well-being of its patients

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Maria Romanko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-08-09 14-00-00 Viewed, times: 5161
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Chernigovka central regional hospital was built at the times of Russian empire in 19th century. The hospital survived the revolution, the WW I and II. In the beginning it could receive only 15 patients overnight, there were only one doctor and three nurses. It was the only one on the territory of 7 villages and 3 small communities.

The time passed and the hospital got a status of a regional one. Today it provides service to 21 thousand people, including 5 thousand children. It has 17 beds in the childrens unit, including 5 for children with infectious diseases. This hospital also receives patients from Kalinovka - a Childs Home for children with complex developmental defects. This is a category of patients with serious health problems that often needs special and modern equipment.

Unfortunately the problem of medical equipment is very acute in the Chernigovka hospital the hospital urgently needs more of it in order to establish correct diagnoses and to provide efficient treatment for the patients. Often children in a difficult state have to be taken far away to the Regional Clinical Childrens hospital of Zaporizhzhia that takes 3 hours of driving. And sometimes these three hours cost a life to a child. The hospital wards also need some renovation. The very building is very old and is in acute need of reconstruction.

- Syringe pump
- Ultrahigh frequency therapy apparatus
- Thermostat for blood centrifugation
- Tubus quartz
- Incubation apparatus

Full name:

The Chernigovka Central Regional Hospital


Lenin Street, 434
Chernigovka village
Chernigovsky district
Zaporizhzhia region

Phone numbers:

Secretary +38 (06140) 9 13 00

Reception desk +38 (06140) 9 19 55

Chief doctor of the hospital:

Tatyana Vitalyevna Bogdan

Before you offer any help to the Chernigovka hospital prior to this we recommend contacting hospital authorities (chiefs of departments or chief doctor) and the employees of the Happy Child foundation.

You can also transfer your donation to the bank account of the Happy Child or you can buy the necessary equipment yourself and give it to the childrens unit or to the childrens infectious unit of the Chernigovka hospital.

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