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Kuibyshev Central Regional Hospital

KCRH treats children from the Kuibyshev region

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Yuliya Grytsenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-09-12 11-00-00 Viewed, times: 11858
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The hospital serves the urban-type settlement Kuibyshev and children from the villages that fall under Kuibyshev region jurisdiction.

As of early 2012 the hospital treated more than 5,000 children. The hospital has a rich history and the first building was constructed in 1891 but, unfortunately, the archive go back only to 1943. Since the day the hospital opened its doors for the first time it hasnt stopped its operations and continues to treat kids from all over the region.

Childrens department has:
- 10 general beds
- 5 beds for kids with infectious diseases

- Cardiograph (ECG) 1pc.
- Pulse Oximeters 2 pc.
- Inhalers 1 pc.
- Incubator 1 pc.

Full Name:

Kuibyshev Central Regional Hospital
Hospitals Address:
Zip code: 71001
Evtushenko Street 1-A
uss. Kuibyshevo
Kuibyshev district
Zaporozhye region


Phone Numbers:

Head Physicians Reception +38 (06147) 2-00-78

Pediatrics Department Reception +83 (06147) 2-16-05

Accounting Department +38 (06147) 2-07-86

Hospitals Head Physician:

Vladimir Nikolayevich Matzutza

Head of the Pediatric Department:

Larisa Michailovna Pereligina

Before providing any assistance to the Kuibyshev Central Regional Hospital we highly recommend to contact the hospitals management (departments heads or head physician) and the staff of the Happy Child fund.

You can send donations the Happy Child fund bank account or purchase the necessary equipment yourself and send it to the pediatric department of the Kuibyshev Central Regional Hospital.

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