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To Stay Alive Before You Die

One more child is coming back home from abroad to die in Ukraine

Author: not-free-sample.livejournal.com, translated by Daria Sukach, not-free-sample.livejournal.com Published: 2012-10-01 19-30-00 Viewed, times: 1836
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One more child is coming back home from abroad to die in Ukraine

My motherland is not suited for life. Whats more to die here, especially the way innocent cancer-sick children do, is a sophisticated torture.

I will never forget how these little children were dying.

An eight-year-old girl. Ewing's sarcoma spread metastases around her whole body. This little sparrow, weighting just 14 kg, was dying in her mothers arms. The ambulance came only to give some promedolum injections twice a day that subdued the pain for some hours. The rest of the day was hell while she attempted to get some illegal drugs to stop her daughters never ending pain and crying

A seven-year-old boy. Neuroblastoma was literally destroying the boys little body, invading his liver, brain and every single cell. The pains attacked the little patient in the infectious department where the boy was taken due to chicken pox. Inexperienced hospital staff, the horror of the patients and several days of waiting for drug painkillers. The crying Dear God, help me! and Mommy, I am sorry for crying Some days later the boy was finally transferred to the intensive care unit. His parents, scared to leave their son, stayed in their car next to the hospital. The boy did not feel any pain anymore and was well cared for. He was dying apart from his mom. He did not manage to say the last good bye to his mom.

There are no hospice departments for children in Ukraine. There are not even any hospice services for children in our country. There are no wards for children in those few hospices that exist in Ukraine. It is not common to speak about children dying. Moreover, it is not common to speak about HOW they die.

A little sweet martyr is coming back home to go together with his family through these circles of hell

Dear people, what is going on with us? I love my country. I dont care about the language issues in Ukraine. It does not bother me at all. I love my country. I do not care about deputy immunity. I love my country and I am interested in children dying free from suffering.

I really want our government to care about its people instead of its electorate.

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