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The Healing Power of Joy

Holidays bring not only fun buthealth too. It is proved that positive emotions and laughter helps sick children recover faster

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Maria Romanko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-10-03 20-50-00 Viewed, times: 1971
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The first day of school is always a day full of emotions. For children it is about meeting their school friends and teachers, lamenting for the long classes to finish and grieving over the summer that is over. The children, who happen to be at the hospital when the school begins, have these emotions mixed with some pain and bitterness.

At our fund we think that every child has the right for a holiday, even despite the hospital atmosphere. So on September 1 we headed to the Regional Children Hospital.

To tell you the truth it was not that easy to organize everything, but thanks to the kind people who responded to our request, the holiday was a success! And interestingly, these people were total strangers to us. They just read our announcement on a social network. So in such a way we got Anna the presenter, Pavel the audio engineer assistant, and Alexander who staged a little play. Our wonderful local stars couldnt leave the kids without attention either. There were such music bands as Diana Mess and Krapka. Valentin Terletskiy was singing touching songs and Ekaterina Titorenko was reading her verses.

That day was not an ordinary one for the hospital. Children were laughing, smiling and having fun not a common thing for the hospital, unfortunately. I had a feeling that the very hospital walls were absorbing the positive emotions as it was something they really lacked. As many children as possible were brought to the party: those who couldnt walk were in wheelchairs or on wheelbarrows. We tried to involve everybody to have no child bored or without attention. There were verses, songs and contests, chalk drawing on the pavement and prizes to the most active participants. We remembered about the teachers as well as they work hard for the well-being of sick children.

Scientists claim that a person recovers faster if exposed to positive emotions. Once again we managed to prove it. On the holiday we witnessed a true miracle this cannot be called in other words. A child who was in a vegetative state, who was being switched to a ventilator for 60 days to be able to breathe and showed no reaction to the things going on around him, suddenly revealed the signs of life. On the holiday the boy began to smile, nodded affirmatively at the nurses question and took a piece of chalk in his hand. For the child it was an amazing leap forward to the recovery. I found this out from Yury Vladimirovich, the chief doctor of the hospital, when the party was over.

You dont always have to do something extraordinary to let the miracle happen. I turn to you lets do little miracles together! And even if the children dont come to life every time we make a party, joy and smiles of sick children are priceless.

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