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The October Report of the Works Done in the Chernigov Childs Home in Kalinovka

In October we managed to arrange a meeting of vitally important specialists student therapists and doctors from Tokmak, so they could regularly examine children and grownups in the orphanage

Author: Mariya Semashkina, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-11-06 19-00-00 Viewed, times: 2805
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October was marked by signing a first-stage reconstruction agreement of the Happy Home-2 with a contractor from Tokmak. The first stage includes reconstruction of a facade, walls, floor and ceiling.

The price list of construction materials in different regions of Ukraine was thoroughly studied and compared. This resulted in purchasing the necessary materials for 30,000 hryvnyas (thats around 3,660 US dollars).

The physicians from the Tokmak Regional Hospital are planning their first medical checkup visit of little dwellers in Kalinovka on the 10th of November.

On October 6th a group of volunteers from Energodar made the childrens day by bringing them lots of gifts: stationery, clothes, sweets, puzzles, Christmas ornaments, and even such building materials as alabaster and furniture lacquer.

The articles about the visit of English volunteers, the acknowledgement to Eva supermarket and happy news about the adoption of Alyosha M. were published.

We had a meeting with the energy audit company and got some useful energy saving recommendations for our future Happy Home-2 . This meeting also motivated us to write a letter to our local governor and head of the regional council about implementing some energy saving technologies in psycho-neurological orphanages in Ukraine as well as the investment project of the Childs Home in Kalinovka in particular.

The monitoring activities of the charity foundation and its energy audit were discussed at the meeting with the new management of the Central Government Administration of Labor and Social Protection.

Some students from the Classical Private University (Zaporizhzhia) signed an agreement with the Chernigov Childs Home about undergoing their practical training there on the 12th of November.

The educators of the Chernigov Childs Home attended training devoted to professional burnout.

Thanks to the donations of Maya Rowencak and Joseph Schroder from the USA, some bottles of special formula, Peptamen were bought for 1,500 hryvnyas (183 US dollars).

We sent off ten official letters to some Ukrainian TV channels with a request to broadcast a documentary about the Childs Home in Kalinovka.

The achievements of educators:

Educator Raisa G. presented Maxim B. and Oleg S. candies for their birthdays. Raisa is also teaching children in her group to recognize different trees. It takes a great deal of time for the children to memorize all of this information.

Educator Olga M. and the children in her playroom group are listening to the sounds of nature. Olga takes Maxim and Danil to the river to watch geese. She believes that Vladik Sh. has become calmer.


Educator Natalia P. has helped Larisa K. to learn to write four letters. Yulia L. from Natalias group is now able to eat independently at the table with other kids she can hold her spoon and cup.

Educator Valentina K. had a month-practice of math and speech development in her group. Oleg G. from Valentinas group has become more diligent. He has grown to like writing letters. Valentinas group still has some problems with its new member little Vladik who is facing difficulties in adapting himself to his new life of the Happy Home group. The group of Valentina K. received three new manual wheelchairs.


The most urgent current needs of the Childs Home: (5.11.2012)

1. The reconstruction materials for the Happy Home-2
2. Peptamen formula
3. AA batteries
4. 4-diameter wire
5. PVA adhesive
6. DVD cartoon disks
7. Slates for working with plasticine
8. Pens
9. Sticky tapes
10. Costumes for Repka (The Giant Turnip) fairy tale performance
11. Audio disks with New Years and Christmas music for holiday parties
12. Big and middle-sized puzzles.

If you wish to help little orphans from Kalinovka, you can kindly make your donation to the bank account of the Happy Child charity foundation. Feel free to contact the foundation staff. Your kindness will definitely come back to you!