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Iryna Nemchenko, born in 2000 - retinopathy of prematurity (5th stage)

The fund-raising campaign is closed. Irynas eye surgery in May went successfully. Now she can see the lightbut thats it for now. Theres a purchase of crystalline lens in August. Thanks a lot for your support!

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-11-16 21-00-00 Viewed, times: 6002
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Iryna Nemchenko, born on the 10th of February 2000

Diagnosis: Retinopathy of prematurity (5th stage).

ATTENTION (19.04.2013).:
The fund-raising campaign is closed. Irynas eye surgery in May went successfully. Now she can see the lightbut thats it for now. Theres a purchase of crystalline lens in August. Thanks a lot for your support!

The happiest are those children who have their own cosy home and are dearly loved by their mom and dad.

Elena was happily expecting twins. The family was really excited about welcoming their new little family members. These happy expectations were ruined by premature labor. Although her newborn daughters were diagnosed with several conditions, the young mom was eager to fight.

At the age of six months old both girls were diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity. Since Irynas case was more complicated, she had to undergo laser surgery at the Kyiv Center for Eye Microsurgery. The surgery allowed Iryna to see images and together with her sister attend the special school for visually impaired children.

At present due to some illness complications resulting in retinal detachment and cataract, the girl can hardly see. To top it all, Iryna had to change her school and move to study in the Odessa special school which is another heartbreak for her. Despite all these recent hardships, 12-year-old Iryna is determined to battle for a better future.

Iryna with her twin sister

The physicians from Kyiv give Iryna a good chance of seeing again. The next surgery is likely to restore Iryna her previous ability to see the world. This requires 9,000 hryvnyas (approximately 1,088 US dollars). Unfortunately, Irynas mother Elena didnt know anything about our charity foundation and thats why there is no time to lose! There are only two weeks left to raise the sum needed. We honestly hope that even this short time will be sufficient to raise this vitally important sum of money!

Support this young lady, please! Help her to believe in her future and see the light at the end of a dark tunnel! Thanks to your kind assistance, Iryna will be able to come back home to her family and study with her sister and make some hopeful plans for the future.

The family lives in the town of Vasylevka (the Zaporizhzhia region)

The mobile number of Elena, Irynas mother: 0987513167

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

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