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The November Report on the Works Done for the Chernigov Child's Home

November was really eventful: along with the construction works on the Happy Home-2 Childs Home welcomed a lot of guests doctors, students and visitors from abroad

Author: Mariya Semashkina, translated by Maria Romanko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-12-03 18-30-00 Viewed, times: 2915
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In November the sponsors from the USA - "Mayas Hope" and Joseph Schroder helped to purchase 33 cans of protein nutrition Nestle Peptamen, and 48 cans of it were given by CAT company.

13 kids of the orphanage employees attended the concert of the Nday band in Chernigovka and really enjoyed it.

Several meetings were held with I.V. Meschan - the Head of the Regional Bureau of Labor and Social Service. In particular, the prospect of starting a Zaporozhye hospice unit for severely ill children was discussed.

On November 10 volunteers from a town of Energodar came to Kalinovka again. This time they helped to take the bed-ridden children outside for a walk.

A pediatrician from a town of Tokmak came twice and a neurologist visited the orphanage once.

10 students of the Rehabilitation department of the Classical Private University had professional practice on the orphanage premises.

An article on the beginning of the construction work of the Happy-Home-2 and the profiles of Ivan and Maxim were published.

In November the volunteers and sponsors from the US Maya Rovenchak and Justine Stoyovsky also visited Kalinovka. On November 21st they made a party for the children living the Happy Home and the employees.

In Kharkov 5 kg of beads were purchased and in December the second teacher will start working with children on bead weaving. Bead weaving was the activity that laid foundation to the instruction of children tagged learning disabled.

About the teachers work:

Teacher Valentina V. helped Oleg S. to learn 7 letters this month. Sergei P. from Valentinas group can read the shop signs already. This boy also learns how to type on the keyboard with the help of another teacher Sofia Sh. The latter says that the boy can type a dictation as well as at sight. Ruslan F., who is in the same group, makes syllables out of letters and also tries to read.

Teacher Raisa G. teaches the children to help each other to get dressed and tells them about friendship.

Teacher Natalya P. does physical exercises with Yulia L., Misha M. and Miroslava P. She does bead sewing with Larisa K. from the same group.

In the group of Olga K. Vladik Sh. learns to walk with support, Igor Sh. also tries to walk with the teachers help. Tanya K. can stand and makes attempts to walk.

We still need your help with Kalinovka projects! The most urgent problem is to cover wages to 7 more teachers and this means 9000 hryvnyas (approximately 1,098 US dollars) every month.

We need 100,000 hryvnyas (approximately 12,207 US dollars) to pay for the roof work on the second Happy Home that can be done this year if the funds permit.

At present 4 children already receive the additional protein nutrition. In order to provide it every day to the four of them, 6000 hryvnyas (approximately 732 US dollars) is needed every month.

Besides you can help with the purchase of things indicated in the list below. It was completed according to the teachers requests. The orphanage has a need for stationery and toys and the Happy Child charity foundation cannot cover these expenditure items right now.

The current needs of the Childs Home (November 30, 2012):

1. material for modeling and gypsum figures for painting
2. trash bags
3. CDs with nature sounds and with childrens songs
4. AA batteries
5. childrens musical instruments
6. a wire (4 mm in diameter)
7. acrylic paints
8. glue
9. pencils
10. checkers
11. kits for bead weaving
12. CDs, DVDs with movies and videos for children
13. a flower pot to put on the wall flat on one side
14. images to be distributed at the lesson
15. pens
16. costumes to stage the fairy-tale Repka
17. music for the New Year performances
18. puzzles big sized and middle sized
19. a stand to hold flower pots
20. wool socks
21. a reducing transformer (220 V 120 V)
22. Ukrainian ABC - books for those who learn to read, 5 books
23. plasticine
24. notebooks for drawing and painting
25. musical toys
26. wire for bead weaving
27. colored markers
28. colored paper
29. coloring books

We thank everybody who helps the Childs Home in Kalinovka and again we ask you to support these special children, because they need our care and support as nobody else does!