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Long-Awaited Moment of Joy

Thanks to our kind donors, some Ukrainian children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis now have finger pulse oximeters and medicine! We still need your support from abroad with purchasing some necessary medications and equipment!

Author: Iryna Gavrysheva, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-01-20 14-30-00 Viewed, times: 2423
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Little Margarita holding a tiny, but essential device a finger pulse oximeter

Many of us have experienced such miraculous moments when our long-awaited dreams and wishes came true at the time when we most needed it.

Almost simultaneously two parents of ill children Margarita Shkurenkova and Victoria Butenko urgently needed our help with purchasing finger pulse oximeters. The health condition of both girls was rather unstable and their lung function continued to deteriorate, so it was the matter of life and death to control their oxygen levels. This could only be conducted through the use of a finger pulse oximeter. The only problem is good and modern high quality devices cost up to 6,000 hryvnyas (approximately 735 US dollars) in Ukraine. So, it was a real moment of joy for us to tell the girls parents about the purchased oximeters! Were grateful to Katya from Switzerland who believed in our project of helping children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and bought two devices; were grateful to Boris from Germany who received a parcel with devices and kept it for a time; were grateful to Ira from Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) who kindly delivered the oximeters from Germany to Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine) Thanks to these big-hearted people, Margarita and Victoria can effectively control their treatment! Thank you a million times! Your help came at the right time!!!

We have recently received a package of pulmozyme and other medications from Russia. We need it so badly!, exclaimed Margaritas mother almost breathlessly when she saw the packages. Children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis constantly need some treatment what usually costs a lot and, thus, these children appreciate any kind of support! Were grateful to you for sharing your kindness with children who really need it!

Your help from abroad is still very welcome! You can help us with the purchasing of finger pulse oximeters (in Germany on e-Bay they cost from 100-150 euros, in the USA 200 dollars), vitamins (thanks to Maria we now have five jars of vitamins), some special meal. Even if you do not live in Germany or the USA, but can do online shopping, you still can do us a huge favor by purchasing some medications or equipment on German or American e-Bay websites! You can read the details here.

I believe that usually everything happens at the right moment. If there is an urgent need help will come soon. I have witnessed it many times during my volunteer life! One can never describe how distressing it is when someone urgently needs a finger pulse oximeter, special meal, vitamins or medications, but has to be told, Im sorry, we dont have it right now, wait, please. Lets help children keep their hopes for tomorrow! Lets provide them with vitally important health aids!