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Children suffering with cystic fibrosis urgently need medical devices and special nutrition!

Author: Iryna Gavrysheva, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-03-19 11-30-00 Viewed, times: 1995
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The lives of two young cystic fibrosis patients have been greatly improved and perhaps saved by compassionate donors.

Victoria Butenko

Margarita Shkurenkova holding a tiny, but essential device a finger pulse oximeter

Ive been so happy to hear that Victoria and Margarita can now monitor their condition with new pulse oximeters. However, I could not really imagine HOW important these devices will be!

One day Victorias father called My daughter is at the intensive care unit, the oxygen level has dramatically dropped. It became immediately clear that the girl urgently needed an oxygen concentrator she could use at home. This need would probably be obvious a long time ago if Victoria had a pulse oximeter. Luckily, at present Victoria has her own oxygen concentrator. She now happily confesses It is much easier this way. The pulse oximeter does not show frightening numbers anymore.

Thats how a small device can totally change the lives of most children who have to fight with cystic fibrosis. Thats because this device alerts the patients about their critical moments when one needs intensive treatment and monitoring. Victoria was very lucky to have had that device by her side, otherwise no one could predict the consequences

Most of the children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis need pulse oximeters like air especially those whose health condition is unstable or who badly need some more oxygen. Like in the case of Aryna Lukashova.

The price of high-quality devices in Ukraine is up to 6,000 hryvnyas or 735 US dollars. One can also buy such a device on German e-bay for 100 euros (133 US dollars). It sounds like a great bargain, doesnt it? The problem is we cannot buy such devices on the German or American ebay websites. So, were asking our dear readers and donors who live in Germany or the USA to purchase pulse oximeters for children who really need them!

Arina Lukashova

We urgently need one pulse oximeter for Aryna and at least two more for other urgent cases. We never know when this little device can save someones little life!

Lilya Golopyataya and Victoria Butenko also need some special nutrition that is also only available in Germany or the United States. The lack of such a nutrition results in a real physical exhaustion we can witness!

Lilya Golopyataya

Victoria Butenko dreams of becoming a star!

You can find out more information about devices and special nutrition here. Even if you buy just one device or a package of nutrition you will certainly make huge contribution to the life of children with cystic fibrosis in Ukraine!

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